Tuesday, June 4, 2019

First Time To Fly With Singapore Airlines

I was a ball of energy when the fambam arrived at the NAIA Terminal 3. I can't help but smile to myself because, in just a few hours, we'll be arriving in Singapore after 8 long years! My son Tutapel was merely 3 when we first visited the place and although we were there for four days, we weren't able to see much because of the rainy weather. (Note to self: Don't fly to Singapore in late November to December.)

Another reason for my excitement was flying aboard Singapore Airlines for the very first time.  I've heard quite a number of favorable reviews about this particular air carrier that's why I can't help but be curious about what sets it apart from the rest, at least, as far as economy flights are concerned.

Singapore Airlines

One thing I noticed was that containers of complimentary earphones were stationed before boarding so you can have your pick right away.

A plethora of HD touchscreen monitors were peppered all throughout the plane quite similar to the set-up of Cathay Pacific.

Singapore Airlines' New Economy Class

What distinguished Singapore Airline's inflight entertainment from Cathay Pacific's was a more vast array of movies (yes, there are Korean and Bollywood, mind you), TV programs and games,  available with just a touch on the screen.

Tutapel playing his favorite game aboard Singapore Airlines

As far as service was concerned, the flight attendants were indeed respectful, attentive, with an auto-pilot aim to please button and just down-right nice! Really!

While we were busy browsing through the game selections, Tutapel and I were chatting about the food. I told him I had a feeling that the food will be great so he better enjoy it as much as he can.

The Fambam aboard Singapore Airlines

My cutesy nephew and niece were seated beside us and I thought it was really sweet that the three cousins from my husband's side were photographed together while inside the plane which was a rather rare occurrence.

Brekkie Time with Tutapel and his cousins Kuya RJ and Ate Erika aboard Singapore Airlines

Manila➙ Singapore

Our departure time from Manila was 7:40 AM with an arrival time of 11:20 AM in Singapore.  I figured that the food will be served in an hour and a half after boarding and surely by that time, Tuts will be a very happy boy.

                                                                          via GIPHY

My "fearless forecast" proved to be correct! Brekkie was served right on MY Time.

Tuts and I chose two different dishes so that we can try both types. The selections were tasty and the main dishes were served warm.

The sausage and potatoes topped with shredded onions were delish; but, the Fish with Noodles was a hands-down winner! I can still taste the noodles' savory flavor paired with the meaty goodness from the fish.

It was indeed a hearty breakfast and a sophisticated initiation to the fastidious and discriminating taste of the air carrier even in its economy flights.

Selection # 1:  Sausage with Omelette, Potatoes, and Beans

Tutapel's Brekkie of Choice:  Sausage with Omelette, Potatoes, and Beans

Selection # 2:  Fish Fillet with Noodles

My Brekkie of Choice:  Fish Fillet with Noodles

Singapore ➙ Manila

                                                                            via GIPHY

Six days later, we were back aboard Singapore Airlines enjoying another set of food selections.

I was doing my own version of a happy dance at least inside my head because the dishes were different from what we had just days before.

The kids were served first; perhaps, to pacify their temperamental nature, if you know what I mean. Tutapel had his fair share of his Chicken Rice, a good thirty minutes before us, adults were served with our dinner choices.

Tutapel enjoying his dinner aboard Singapore Airlines

Selection # 1:  Chicken with Rice

While waiting for my dinner, I can't help but sneak in some bites from Tutapel's. I found the rice fragrant and tasty, and the chicken was cooked well and draped with a sweet appetizing sauce. The veggies were served fresh and cooked just right. 

Tutapel's Dinner of Choice:  Chicken with Rice

Selection # 2:  Pork with Mashed Potatoes

Somehow the second selection eclipsed the first, in my opinion. The pork was buttery-soft, sinfully good and deliciously paired with an equally tasty serving of mashed potatoes served hot and remained warm all throughout dinner time.

My Dinner of Choice: Pork with Mashed Potatoes

The dish really deserves this close-up! 

If the food is this good in economy, it's hard to wrap my mind around how phenomenal the food would have to be in first-class or business class. 

Pork with Mashed Potatoes served aboard Singapore Airlines

And yes, my favorite ice cream bar was even part of dinner. What more can a girl ask for?

With my favorite Ice Cream to boot!


Tuts at Changi Airport

Singapore Airlines
Our Promo Package Per Pax:
Php 14,074 Economy Class with 30 Kg Baggage Allowance
and Universal Studios Singapore Admission Pass (without food voucher)

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