First Time To Fly With Singapore Airlines

I was a ball of energy when the fambam arrived at the NAIA Terminal 3. I can't help but smile to myself because, in just a few hours, we'll be arriving in Singapore after 8 long years! My son Tutapel was merely 3 when we first visited the place and although we were there for four days, we weren't able to see much because of the rainy weather. (Note to self: Don't fly to Singapore in late November to December.)

Another reason for my excitement was flying aboard Singapore Airlines for the very first time.  I've heard quite a number of favorable reviews about this particular air carrier that's why I can't help but be curious about what sets it apart from the rest, at least, as far as economy flights are concerned.

Singapore Airlines

One thing I noticed was that containers of complimentary earphones were stationed before boarding so you can have your pick right away.

A plethora of HD touchscreen monitors were peppered all throughout the plane quite similar to the set-up of Cathay Pacific.

Singapore Airlines' New Economy Class

What distinguished Singapore Airline's inflight entertainment from Cathay Pacific's was a more vast array of movies (yes, there are Korean and Bollywood, mind you), TV programs and games,  available with just a touch on the screen.