A Whimsical Walk Through the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Okay. Here's the 411.

Buying tickets to see Gardens by the Bay proved to be much trickier than expected.

I thought that all you had to say is "I need a ticket please," and you'll be given one automatically.

Oh, how terribly wrong I was.

It turned out that Gardens by the Bay offers not just 1 but 8 Main Attractions that visitors can choose from namely, Floral Fantasy, Serene Garden, Art Sculptures, Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes, Bay East Garden, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Supertree Grove & OCBC Skyway.

Tutapel showing his Gardens by the Bay Ticket 

The fambam settled for the Flower Dome + Cloud Forest Bundle (SGD 25.20 or around Php 960) with free admission to the outdoor gardens, Children's Garden at Bay South and the Supertree Grove SANS (WITHOUT) the OCBC Skyway pass.

Flower Dome + Cloud Forest Bundle for Non-Singaporean Residents = SGD 25.20 or around Php 960

Let's begin our walking tour then.

Welcome to our Walking Tour of Gardens by the Bay Singapore!

First Time To Fly With Singapore Airlines

I was a ball of energy when the fambam arrived at the NAIA Terminal 3. I can't help but smile to myself because, in just a few hours, we'll be arriving in Singapore after 8 long years! My son Tutapel was merely 3 when we first visited the place and although we were there for four days, we weren't able to see much because of the rainy weather. (Note to self: Don't fly to Singapore in late November to December.)

Another reason for my excitement was flying aboard Singapore Airlines for the very first time.  I've heard quite a number of favorable reviews about this particular air carrier that's why I can't help but be curious about what sets it apart from the rest, at least, as far as economy flights are concerned.

Singapore Airlines

One thing I noticed was that containers of complimentary earphones were stationed before boarding so you can have your pick right away.

A plethora of HD touchscreen monitors were peppered all throughout the plane quite similar to the set-up of Cathay Pacific.

Singapore Airlines' New Economy Class

What distinguished Singapore Airline's inflight entertainment from Cathay Pacific's was a more vast array of movies (yes, there are Korean and Bollywood, mind you), TV programs and games,  available with just a touch on the screen.

What I Think of The Bund Hotel in Shanghai, China

few days after we landed in the stunning city of Hangzhou, the capital of

Zhejiang, we went on a 2-hour 30-minute bus ride to Shanghai, the largest city

in China by population and the second most densely populated city in the world.

From Hangzhou's sprawling scenery and admirable infrastructure, the ride

provided an unhindered view of Shanghai's equally formidable edifices and

skyscrapers mixed with equally cared for scenery and waterfronts. 

That's why when we were scheduled to visit The Bund, a highly-recommended

attraction that's a fitting fusion of both worlds, I for one, can't wait for it to

actually, happen.

Tutapel near the Orient Pearl Tower just opposite of The Bund

It was already nighttime when we arrived at The Bund Hotel located along

Guangdong Road in the Huangpu District. The hotel lighting for instance added

a splash of elegance to the exterior which was of course more of a necessity

rather than of sheer opulence.

 The Bund Hotel at night