Thursday, December 27, 2018

Mayon Volcano: The Muse Behind Catriona Gray's Ms. Universe-Worthy Gown

If the intricate beading and fiery color were not enough hints in figuring out the inspiration behind Catriona Gray's Ms. Universe-winning attire, then I guess its moniker "Lava Gown" was a dead giveaway.

I never expected anything associated with the term "lava" to be synonymous with something sexy; but, designer Mak Tumang proved everyone wrong when Catriona Gray had donned the intense-looking gown before she strutted down the 2018 Ms. Universe stage with what we now call as the "lava walk."

Having seen the Mayon Volcano up close, it's no wonder that the designer and the new Ms. Universe were so captivated to the point of creating an evening gown because of it.

The first time I saw this natural wonder located in Albay, the volcano's perfect cone was barely visible due to a group of obstinate clouds unwilling to let visitors bask in the volcano's complete glory.  

Old folks however have a different interpretation on this matter. Legend has it that when this happens, Panganoron, the brave warrior who loved Magayon, the only daughter of the tribal chief of Rawis, is indeed kissing her; and, when the rains do trickle down the slopes, they are actually Panganoron's tears as he mourns for his lost love.

Clouds swirling around the world-famous Mayon Volcano in Albay

But I didn't travel 11 hours from Manila to Legazpi to be found wanting. That's why I watched the volcano like a hawk from every possible angle.

Clouds start dissipating around the world-famous Mayon Volcano in Albay

Good thing is, the Mayon is so mighty and resplendent that it's impossible to see anything else when you're travelling all over Legazpi.

Mt. Mayon In All Its Glory

That translates to a plethora of chances for photo-ops, selfies and famfies.

It's A Triumph In Itself Just to See Mt. Mayon


I used Fujifilm X-A2 for this particular blog post.

Photo of Fujifilm X-A2

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