Bitten by the Blogging Bug Once Again

Looking back, I can't believe that I've only made 6 blog entries for 2015! 

Mommy duties have definitely taken over my life this past year highlighted mostly by creating reviewers and mock tests for my Grade schooler. I still can't believe how complicated lessons have become considering that my son is only in Grade 2!

What My Thoughts Are

More than just making good grades in school, I have a greater dream for my son and that's where I've focused my body, mind and spirit onto for the past couple of years. 

In a more romantic sense, you can say that I've been gripped by a dream and there's no way of escaping it...

Allow me to give you a short background. A decade before my son was born, I heard our Senior Pastor then, now our Pastor Emeritus, talked about the need to raise up mathematicians and scientists here in the Philippines. 

He then went about re-introducing one of the greats, Thomas Alva Edison, whose thirst for knowledge was only quenched when he began creating a plethora of inventions including the most celebrated of them all- the electric light bulb.

However in the bestseller "Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation," author Steven Johnson offered a different  viewpoint.

The natural History of Innovation New York Times Bestseller
Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation by  Steven Johnson 
Thanks roluist for the copies!

"Folklore calls Edison the inventor of the light bulb, but in truth the lightbulb came into being through a complex network of interaction between Edison and his rivals, each contributing key pieces to the puzzle along the way." (page 231)

Honestly, both sentiments make sense. 

In Edison's own words, he described his innovative process this way:

"My principal business consists of giving commercial value to the brilliant, but misdirected, ideas of others...Accordingly, I never pick up an item without thinking of how I might improve it." 

Sites about the great inventor are usually rife with inspiring quotes believed to be from Edison himself which zero in on the value of perseverance, faith and hope amid life's difficulties.

At the very heart of the scientist's interesting story of course, is God's predetermined plan. That's why I gravitate toward this standpoint most of all:

"God wanted to give light to the world in the most literal sense, and he chose Thomas Alva Edison to let it come to pass."  (Paraphrased from our pastor)

What My Recent Meditations Have Become

Most of the time, I can't help but wonder why some life events do come to pass while some of the things I desperately want simply don't- no matter how much I prayed or fasted for them.

During these times, I get the impression that when my desire for getting the answer exceeds that of my yearning to know more about God Himself, He usually waits it out and begins a process of changing my thoughts and heart to make them in tune to His will.

I've also noticed that when my primary motivation is to give Him glory through a life of excellence, He does open doors that no man can ever shut.

An open door did come to us in the form of a supplementary program called Eye Level, formerly known as E.Nopi. How I even discovered that such thing even existed is worth telling.

What I can say is that for the past 8 months since my son's enrollment into Eye Level's Math Program, his Mental Math and Critical Thinking have drastically improved.

Proof is his Silver Medal for the 2015 Eye Level Math Competency Test!

Eye Level Philippines
2015 Eye Level Math Competency Test: Silver Award 

What I'm Most Grateful For 

I'm deeply appreciative not only for the medal itself but more so for what it represents. It involved motivating my son to commit his extra time not just to take note of his regular school load, but also to keep track of his Eye Level lessons daily.

The medal also symbolized the fruits of my son's labor in answering drills and booklets just so he could calculate correctly without written carryovers. 

Eye Level Math's Basic Thinking Booklets

It also depicted extra hours spent whenever my son and I tried to comprehend certain items in his Critical Thinking Booklets that were beyond our natural abilities.

Eye Level Math's Critical Thinking Booklets

Aside from my son's progress in Math, another thing that I'm most thankful for is that last month, I had the opportunity to celebrate my 6th Anniversary as an Internet Voice Talent operating out of a homebased studio.

Allow me to sum up how utterly grateful I am this way:

"I'd like to thank my manager, my LORD GOD, 
for allowing me to realize what my DNA really is 
which proved instrumental in the creation 
of  a not-so-known home biz here in the Philippines.

My heart overflows with gratitude 
to my hubby for his support 
as well as to my clients' trust 
in giving voice to their projects."

"God gives us the vision, then He takes us down to the valley 
to batter us into the shape of the vision, 
and it is in the valley that so many of us faint and give way. 
Every vision will be made real if we will have patience."
                                                (Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest)


Quotes by Thomas Edison