Thursday, November 13, 2014

Indulging In the New Magnum Mini!

Remember how smitten we were with Magnum Ice Cream when it debuted in the Philippines in February of 2012? The public's overwhelming interest translated to a reported 30% jump in net income in the first quarter alone for RFM Corp., parent company of Selecta--maker of Magnum, according to

Now, Selecta hopes to replicate its past success with the newly introduced #MagnumMini!

The newly packaged 45 ml (36 gram) mini bars come in three flavors: Almond, Classic and Chocolate Brownie. They may be a lot tinier than their regular-sized siblings, but the mini versions boast of the same silky smooth ice cream with Belgian chocolate coating to boot!

See how tiny it is? It can actually pass up as a normal brownie minus the stick, of course. What's great about its size is that more figure-conscious consumers will be lured to take advantage of Magnum's signature taste for just 5 grams of fat and 100 calories apiece.

I guess I can live with that--as long as I don't reach out for the other five bars... :-)

Magnum Philippines
#MagnumMini - SRP Php 200
Available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide


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