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Memorable Bonding Moments at the Monde Summer Mamon-It-Yourself (MIY) Decorating Event

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As a mom, I'm always on the lookout for fresh ideas in whipping up healthy and fun snacks for my family. I'm meticulous and uncompromising when it comes to quality and I won't settle for anything less. When I got introduced to Monde Special Mamon, I felt that I found a new partner in snack-making. What's great about it is that it is made with real fresh eggs, imported wheat flour and milk. Essentially, it is baked to be delicious!

When my family and I attended the Monde Summer Mamon-It-Yourself (MIY) Decorating Event at Yardstick Coffee last month, we were introduced to an array of wonderful possibilities in turning our favorite Monde Special Mamon into joyful and at the same time incredibly delish works of art!

During the said event, Chef Mitchie Sison shared with us how to turn our already yummy Monde Mamon even more exciting through the art of frosting.

Meet the Super Kind and Jovial Chef Mitchie Sison! 

She was kind enough to share an array of tips in measuring key ingredients like butter and how to achieve a stiff/hard peak for our frosting.

Monde Summer Mamon- It -Yourself (Mamon Toppings) Decorating Event
Although I found the concept quite difficult to perform on my own, I got so psyched up when I saw Chef Mitchie's beautiful mamon creations! When I heard her say that aside from flowers, moms can also use numbers or letters to make learning fun for preschoolers, I became completely sold on the idea!

Chef Mitchie's Creations @ the 
Monde Summer Mamon It Yourself (Mamon Toppings) Decorating Event

Here's Chef  Mitchie in action:

After Chef Mitchie, gorgeous Grace Barbers-Baja, a mom of four and popular blogger behind The Spoiled Mummy came in next. She shared with all of us how to do three types of easy-to-prepare toppings for our favorite Monde Special Mamon.

The Spoiled Mummy's Choice of Mamon Toppings

Three Interesting Creations by The Spoiled Mummy during the 
Monde Summer Mamon It Yourself (Mamon Toppings) Decorating Event
*Peanut Butter Banana
*Mamon Cheezy Ensaymada
*Spoiled Mamon

Her repartee with popular radio personality Delamar, who hosted the event with much wit and class, was indeed a welcome treat.

Popular DJ Delamar During the 
Monde Mamon It Yourself (Mamon Toppings) Decorating Event

What made the event even more memorable was when I got to spend the afternoon with my two boys in a super fun way!

Father & Son Bonding During the 
Monde Mamon It Yourself (Mamon Toppings) Decorating Event

What's great about the activity was that we had the chance to enjoy our yummy Monde Special Mamon in two ways--with the toppings and also without. We figured that the mamon itself was perfect as it was, considering its fresh and high- quality ingredients. The Monde Summer Mamon-It-Yourself Toppings however just brought out the fun already intrinsic in our favorite Monde Special Mamon.

Father & Son Enjoying the Many Possibilities of  A Simple Mamon @ the 
Monde Mamon It Yourself (Mamon Toppings) Decorating Event

Here's my son Tutapel having a blast in putting all the toppings he wanted on his mamon creations during the event.

We felt so honored when Chef Mitchie went to our table and offered to assist Bebe Tutapel in frosting his Monde Special Mamon.

Monde Summer Mamon It Yourself (Mamon Toppings) Decorating Event

Thank you Chef Mitchie for graciously teaching our son about the indispensable art of frosting!

Alas, I figured that if my son can do it, perhaps I was not a lost cause when it comes to learning how to frost sooo late in life. Smiling Smiley Face

Monde Summer Mamon It Yourself (Mamon Toppings) Decorating Event

After my hit and miss frosting experience, my hubby and son complimented my “work” and decided to add another layer of several Monde Summer Mamon-It-Yourself Toppings. Before the buzzer went off, TEAM LUISTRO was able to decorate a total of 7 Monde Special Mamons!

Our Labor of Love @ the 
Monde Summer Mamon It Yourself (Mamon Toppings) Decorating Event 

Before the event wrapped up, the staff surprised all the blogger moms by giving us our very own mamon especially decorated by our respective kids.

Monde Summer Mamon It Yourself (Mamon Toppings) Decorating Event

And that’s not all. Our kids and hubbies were even recorded on screen saying the sweetest things about us! I think all of us moms were teary-eyed right that point!

Courtesy of Monde Nissin on YouTube

Monde Summer Mamon It Yourself (Mamon Toppings) Decorating Event

The event ended on an even higher note when we were allowed to take home our mamon creations. My son and I were so ecstatic about our Monde Summer Mamon-It-Yourself creations that we can’t help but devour each other’s super yummy mamon!

Just can't get enough of Monde Summer Mamon-It-Yourself (MIY) 

Before the activity ended, I was surprised when blogger moms like me received truckloads of gifts from Monde such as the ones I was holding.

Thank you Monde Nissin and Nuffnang Philippines!

I can’t help but make an audible gasp of excitement when I opened the huge box and saw the following goodies!

Oh! I can’t wait to get home and do another Mamon-It-Yourself Activity with my two boys!

Monde Mamon It Yourself (Mamon Toppings) Decorating Event

Still bursting with excitement from the previous day’s event, I invited my niece Stephen to join my bebe Tutapel and I in our version of the Monde Summer Mamon-It-Yourself Activity the following day. Stephen and Tutapel can’t get enough of the already yummy Monde Special Mamon even without the toppings. But their enthusiasm was raised up a notch when they tasted the Monde Mamon overflowing with an array of special toppings!

 Mamon-It-Yourself at Home

Their Monde Summer Mamon-It-Yourself creations were screaming FUN and DELICIOUS from afar! And when we finally sank our teeth into them, we can’t help but smile while devouring each one of them.

Mamon-It-Yourself at Home

Thinking of a super creative activity with your kids this summer? Try Monde Special Mamon's #MamonItYourself.  You'll never regret it.

Mamon-It-Yourself at Home

For more Monde #MamonItYourselfIdeas:


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