Friday, April 11, 2014

An Unexpectedly Fine Lunch at Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza ♪♪♪♪

On the fifth level of Shangri-la Plaza lies a new resto promising to redefine Japanese cuisine in a fresh, more appealing way. Kimukatsu, the most popular pork cutlet restaurant in Japan finds a powerful spot in this posh mall, as it tries to achieve the same popularity its older sibling Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen has garnered since entering the Philippine market.

Just like Ikkoryu, Kimukatsu also embraces a minimalist approach in its design highlighted only by a number of Japanese elements just like this Shōji (panel screen or room divider) in front. 

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

A few meters from the entrance, I saw a series of imposing grayish-chocolate stepping stones in a bed of like-colored pebbles which somehow promised an even sweeter destination.

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

But walking on these rocks proved much harder than I initially thought because of my 3 inch wedges. :) However when I saw the display window in black and white accented by a large Cherry Blossom replica, I realized that the side trip was indeed worthwhile. :)

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

When I finally reached the main hall, I can't help but smile when I saw the ceiling rife with unique lights that complemented the black tables, chairs as well as the centerpiece.

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

The kind staff ushered me to the best seat in the resto so that I can fully appreciate the centerpiece, that of a gorgeous 3D mural of a Cherry Blossom tree!

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

By this time, my blogger instinct kicked in, and the kind staff was very happy to indulge me. He offered some good photo-ops which I think was just applicable before the food review.

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

Before the food was served, the kind director of Kimukatsu, Mr. Kenji Komuro offered to grind the sesame, considered to be an essential process in bringing out the unique taste of authentic pork cutlets.

Mr. Kenji Komuro
Director of Public Relations, Kimukatsu

Sesame Grinding experience at Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

Allow me to share with you what I had that afternoon.

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

Miso Soup in Two Types. Offered in two types, Kimukatsu's white-colored variety is very mild while the brown one has a punchier, deeper flavor.

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

Ebi Mayo (Php 210). An appetizer worth raving about because of its fresh and plump shrimps enveloped in a creamy, somewhat sour mayo. Truly flavorful and extremely yummy!

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

Kimutaku (Php 110). Kimchi is very crunchy thus making it more exciting to eat. The zesty side dish is not too spicy but rather emits a very deep flavor perhaps because of the addition of sesame. It whets the appetite and makes you craving for more.

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

Koshihikari Rice. Served in a special Japanese-style container, I can't help but be amazed not only by all the presentation involved but more so by how polished and glowing the rice actually looked up close. Unlike other restos, rice is cooked-to-order to bring out its nutty flavor, fluffy texture and glossy appearance. Just like the shredded cabbage, rice is also offered in an unlimited amount in every order of your tonkatsu set of choice.

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

Shredded Cabbage. Regarded as an invaluable side dish to pork cutlets for its ability to neutralize the palate, Kimukatsu offers an unlimited amount of this crunchy side dish in every order of their specially made tonkatsu. Best enjoyed with a sprinkle of Goma dressing.

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

3 Flavor Kimukatsu Set (Php 1200)Kimukatsu's famed 25-layered mille-feuille style tonkatsu (pork cutlet) is of course the resto's lifeline.

3 Flavor Kimukatsu Set in Cheese, Garlic and Negi Shio

The resto's prized tonkatsu boasts of thinly-sliced pork meticulously stacked in 25 layers and enveloped in a rich, crunchy batter. It is then fried in low temperature for 8 minutes and then positioned vertically to steam in order to allow the even distribution of heat inside the meat.

Kimukatsu's famed 25-layered mille-feuille style tonkatsu (pork cutlet)

During the food review, I was able to try three flavors namely Garlic, Cheese and Negi Shio. As expected, I loved the Garlic Tonkatu's pungent flavor as well as the Negi Shio's zesty spring onion taste. However, I fell in love with the Cheese flavor which remains to be the resto's bestselling variety. 

Cheese Flavored Tonkatsu

Negi Shio Flavored Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu is best enjoyed with some Sukemono pickles on the side and of course when the katsu is dipped in these three condiments: Kinukarsu, Himalayan Salt or Okohitsu Ponju Sauce with a dash of some ground sesame seeds.

Condiments: Kinukarsu Sauce, Himalayan Salt and Okohitsu Ponju Sauce
@ Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

Kurogoma Pudding (Php 110)At first, I was concerned about the black sauce smothered over the pudding. But when I finally sank my teeth into this unique dessert made mostly of sesame, I was truly converted. It had just the right kind of sweetness and didn't even have an ounce of bitterness that I expected. Truly a must try!

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

Japanese Panna Cotta (Php 110). Not your ordinary panna cotta, the Japanese version has a more gooey texture but is surprisingly delish thanks in part to the generous sprinkling of roasted Kinako soybean. It will be a sin not to order this, believe me!

Kimukatsu Shangri-la Plaza

Kimukatsu Sandwich (Php 210). This is a great option for those who want to enjoy the same 25-layered mille-feuille style tonkatsu (pork cutlet) while at work.

Kimukatsu Philippines
My Rating:
♪♪♪ Marvelous! Highly-recommended. 

Kimukatsu Philippines
Level 5, Shangri-la Plaza East Wing
Shaw Blvd. cor EDSA Mandaluyong City
Phone: 727-0333
Hours: 11 am to 9 PM

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