How PRIDE POWERWASH DETERGENT Makes Mommyhood More Fun! ♪♪♪

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As a work-at- home mom without any household help to rely on, I need to be wise in managing my time.

Not only do I prepare my son for school and make his meals 24/7, I also try to schedule regular reviews for him as well. And we haven't even discussed the things I usually do to support my hubby's mental and emotional health.  

 Scheduling home reviews is a must!

My day becomes more challenging when I put on another hat- that of being a voice-over artist/editor/accountant/PR officer.  Recording scripts, editing, uploading, making quotations, sending invoices and acknowledgment receipts plus doing some online marketing are just some of the things that I need to do to keep my business alive.  

But I won't have it any other way for  at least, I get to do everything from the comfort of my own home.

What I need is to make wise choices so that none of my responsibilities will suffer. Well, that's easier said than done, for I'm not a superwoman, nor will I ever be in the future. At least, I've come to terms with that.

For one, I'm not a big fan of washing clothes. Aside from the fact that it takes sooo much time to accomplish, I don't like touching detergents because I usually develop atopic dermatitis whenever my hands come in contact with them.

You can imagine my disbelief when out of the blue, I was invited to try PRIDE POWERWASH DETERGENT for a one week trial period. I received a 2 kilogram pack via courier and decided to use it right away.

To tell you the truth, I am already familiar with Pride's compatibility with washing machines because I've used it when I was still a newlywed. And five years into the marriage, PRIDE was still part of my grocery list. During that time, Pride was one of the very first brands to launch a product specifically tailored for washing machines. 

 Pride Powerwash Detergent: Specially Made for Washing Machine

As some brands followed suit, I, too was lured into trying out the latest offerings. I'm thankful that through this trial, I'm re-acquainted with my very first brand of detergent.

With Pride, all I need to do is to soak our clothes for a good 15 minutes or so before switching into the wash knob. It's a real time saver! No need to do any manual washing, too, which saves my hands from any potential allergies. 

 Pride: Tama Para Sa Washing Machine

It's great to know that Pride has retained its low foam capability which means no need to get a dipper to remove excess bubbles from the washing machine. Isn't it disgusting to see your washing machine overflowing with bubbles and your floor dripping wet? Well, I've experienced that with other brands; fortunately with PRIDE, I've never had that terrible episode.

 Pride Powerwash Detergent (Pure & No Chalk): Low Foam 

With other brands, I need to rinse our clothes thrice to remove the excess detergent. But I don't need to do that whenever I use PRIDE. I just rinse twice including that step when I put in the fabric conditioner.

  Pride Powerwash Detergent: Easy Rinse and with Stain-Away Formula

I love the fact that PRIDE has fine granules which means the chances of clogging my washing machine's motor is slim to none. I can vouch for this first hand, because I've never experienced such thing during the five years I've used Pride, even with our automatic washing machine at the time.    

And since Pride's formulation is gentle enough, I also didn't have to use the laundry net which was a regular accessory whenever I used other detergents.

Even without laundry nets, Pride's minimum lather takes care of clothes better 

Over-all, my re-acquaintance with Pride makes me wonder, why oh why did I swap brands in the first place? Maybe, it's high time to switch back to my original detergent?

                                                            PRIDE POWERHOUSE DETERGENT
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