Monday, December 23, 2013

Tickled Pink by Pinkberry's Signature FroYo @ SM Aura Premier ♪♪♪♪

The FroYo Wave may have subsided a little, but for a number of reasons, Pinoys still find themselves happily indulging in FroYo's signature sweet 'n' tangy concoctions time and time again.

Pinkberry Philippines (SM Aura Premier)

For one, FroYo is believed to be much healthier than its ice cream counterpart which of course, remains a debatable issue for some. Healthy  maybe FroYo's middle name, but what gravitates people toward it, is its distinctly refreshing taste, ever evolving yogurt flavors  and a plethora of decadent toppings to choose from. Nothing could be better than that!

Pinkberry Philippines 

When my food review at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen wrapped up, I met up with hubby Bala and kulet boy Tutapel to get some desserts. Just a few steps from Ikkoryu was Pinkberry, one of the pioneers of Frozen Yogurt in the world.

Although Pinkberry was first conceptualized in 2005 in West Hollywood, California, it took them 6 years before their first store opened here in the Philippines. For some, their timing was a little bit off. Aside from the fact that Red Mango was dominating the FroYo Craze in the metro, another wave was emerging- the public's fascination with Milk Tea!

Time may not have been Pinkberry's biggest ally, but "word of mouth" is. Customers psyched up by their yogurt varieties and delectable toppings used social media to share their pent up elation. I can't help but share their enthusiasm!

Pinkberry is really something to rave about. It features more yogurt flavors and definitely more chocolate toppings than Red Mango. But what Pinkberry doesn't have which remains to be Red Mango's strength is blueberry jam which just about balances the yogurt's tartness in all levels.  

Pinkberry Philippines SM Aura Premier Branch

Setting that detail aside, we still enjoyed Pinkberry's Signature FroYo in 3 delightful combos:

Salted Caramel with Three Toppings (Php 155).
Pinkberry's own take in Salted Caramel FroYo was made richer and two notches more decadent with the addition of toasted almonds, shaved Belgian milk chocolate and yogurt chips. Truly a must-try!

Pinkberry Philippines

Original Flavor with 3 Toppings (Php 155).
The tangy yogurt flavor was beautifully balanced by the nutty Fudge brownie bites, crunchy semi-sweet chocolate chips and enticing shaved Belgian milk chocolate. Another winning combo in my book!

Pinkberry Philippines

Original Flavor with 3 Toppings (Php 155). 
Pinkberry's trademark FroYo in original flavor was made three notches more tangy with toasted almonds, kiwi and blueberries. This might be the store's most popular combo, according to one of the staff members, but I wasn't particularly fond of it at all. Just maybe if I added a smooth liquid topping and some cheesecake bites instead, the resulting taste could have been more harmonious than it actually was.

Pinkberry Philippines

Any which way, I can't wait to go back to Pinkberry and try out their other yogurt flavors and sinfully good add-ons.

How about you, what's your favorite Pinkberry concoction?

Pinkberry Philippines
My Rating:
♪♪♪♪ Marvelous! Highly recommended. 

Pinkberry Philippines

Pinkberry SM Aura Premier
Level 2, SM Aura Premier

Pinkberry Greenbelt 5
Phone: 9457610

Pinkberry Powerplant Mall, Rockwell
Phone: 9941197


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