Friday, December 6, 2013

Feast on The New Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake This Christmas!

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Just this week, our family tried the New Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake.  At first, I didn't know exactly what's new about it. Is it the design, a brand new promo perhaps?    

  Tutapel with the New Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake

I was indeed pretty excited to try the cake for it has always been a favorite part of our Christmas celebrations. Honestly though, I wasn't expecting Tutapel to like it too. He is more into the no-frill chocolate cakes as expected from kids his age.

  Tutapel with The New Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake

The New Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake

 The New Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake

I gave hubby Bala a slice and then got another one for me. Before eating it, I gave just a sliver to Tutapel because I knew he wasn't fond of the cake. Imagine my surprise when he asked for a second and third helping until such a time that the slice was all gone! Curious about my son's sudden change of heart, I got myself another slice and started sinking my teeth into its soft, moist chiffon cake.

I was actually amazed that the cake was waaay chocolatier and had a more toned down rum flavor than the one I had last year. No wonder, Tutapel can't get enough of the new cake version! The chocolate shavings and chocolate filling were also worth raving about. In fact, our greatest problem was how to stop ourselves from devouring all those yummylicious choco shavings before the cake turned into something terribly unrecognizable. :-) 

The New Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake

I can't wait for my other family members to get a taste of The New Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake!

  Red Ribbon 

You, too, can enjoy it, just in time for your Christmas parties and better yet, your Noche Buena, for just Php 550 at all Red Ribbon stores nationwide.

  Red Ribbon Black Forest: 
Your Cherry Chocolatiest Christmas Yet

Red Ribbon E-Cards

And to make the Christmas season more meaningful, Red Ribbon has prepared an array of festive e-cards for your loved ones and friends abroad. This way, you can show them how much they mean to you even from miles away. You can download the Red Ribbon E-cards from this site. 

The Red Ribbon Tale

As if the e-cards were not enough to spread some joy to your loved ones, Red Ribbon has produced a new animated short dubbed "A Red Ribbon Tale: Si Emman at ang Chocolate Forest" which highlights the importance of sharing especially during this most blessed season. You can access the video and share it from right here.

Your loved ones' Christmas will truly be more beautiful with Red Ribbon's Three-Fold Offering: 

Red Ribbon E-Cards...

...The Red Ribbon Tale...

...and of course, The New Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake!

The New Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake

Have a Merry Christmas!

 Red Ribbon 

Red Ribbon


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