Bangon PH: 4 Ways To Share Our Love To The Victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

As the world copes with the initial shock of how the super typhoon Yolanda has devastated, damaged and displaced the people of Leyte and other surrounding provinces, now more than ever, us, Pinoys, living here in the Philippines, should take it upon ourselves to continue helping our kababayan (countrymen) until they have the strength to rise again.

It shouldn't be a one time giving. Rather it should be something that we should commit to, at least up to the next three years, enough time to see some form of change in the lives and livelihood of those who are still fighting to survive amid the devastation, either by choice or the lack of financial resources for relocation.

It doesn't matter how much we give, what matters is that we give from our hearts and we do so consistently. Childish as it may seem to some, but I still believe that the God who multiplied the child's offering of five loaves and two fish as accounted in the four gospels, is raring to bless our gifts of love and sacrifice, in order to let our countrymen know that He hasn't forgotten them nor has He forsaken them (Hebrews 13:5).

Through several agencies, media organizations and ministries, we can extend our love to the Yolanda Victims in 4 ways. 

* Simply click the titles or photos to be directed to their sites. 

1. Donate Cash.

A. Bank Transfer or Online Deposit:

Philippine Red Cross

World Vision

For pledges, please call 654-3322 local 5.

Gawad Kalinga

Habitat for Humanity

Nuffnang Philippines

UNICEF Philippines

Jollibee Group Foundation

B. Salary Deduction.

Please coordinate with your respective companies to start a bi-monthly or monthly donation scheme to help the victims of the Super Typhoon Yolanda. 

2. Give in Kind.

3. Volunteer. 

Here's a list of government agencies and media organizations in need of volunteers both for the repacking of relief goods and for medical missions: 

ABS-CBN Foundation Sagip Kapamilya

  • To be a part of the on-going repacking operations at DSWD-NROC in Pasay City, please call 931-81-01.
Gawad Kalinga

4. Support Charity Events.

Let's continue to fan the flame of devotion for our kababayan (countrymen) in the Visayas region during these difficult times. As our hero Andres Bonifacio said in his heartfelt poem, Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa

"Hayo na nga, hayo, kayong nagabuhay
Sa pag-asang lubos ng kaginhawahan
At walang tinamo kundi kapaitan,
Hayo na't ibangon ang naabang bayan!"

Bangon Pilipinas!




Science Musings at The Mind Museum @ Taguig (Updated)

Marie Curie was right when she said, "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less."

Believe it or not, there was a time when Science was my favorite subject in school. Perhaps it was because I had good grades even if I didn't study that much.Smiling Smiley Face But as lessons progressed, I found myself grasping for answers. In time, my love for science turned to fear. Fear that no matter what I did, I can't seem to get the principles as easily as before. What I didn't know at the time was that I was just undergoing a learning plateau, and the only solution was to "embrace the discomfort and move forward."*

I began applying this particular principle in my late twenties as I tried hard to make sense of my career and life in general. In time, I reaped the rewards and began to see the favorable change in me from the inside out. But it was not an easy journey.

Now that I'm a mom, you can't blame me if I want to shield my son from life's difficulties as much as I can. However, I also know that if I don't prep him for the challenges ahead, then I'm only setting him up for destruction. Life will never be easy. And the sooner he realizes it, the better his chances of conquering himself and life itself.

In a small way, I began teaching my son about the value of "embracing the discomfort and moving forward" in his reading. The joyful thing is, in just a little over a year since he learned phonics in school, he can now read paragraphs with ease, including the English subtitles of my favorite Korean Dramas. Smiling Smiley Face

Aside from reading, I also want Bebe Tutapel to fall in love with science and remain passionate about it. Only by allowing him to be constantly exposed to its many wonders can I help bring this dream to reality.

You can understand my elation when I learned that my son's preschool scheduled an educational tour of The Mind Museum recently. I expected to see an impressive, world-class facility and that was exactly what I experienced and so much more. To be honest, I felt like I was at the National Museum of Singapore sans the paintings of course, for The Mind Museum evoked a similar classy and sophisticated ambiance. I can't help but tell myself, "Ang sossy! Pinag-isipan talaga!" 

I might have been impressed, but did the preschoolers think the same way? Allow me to answer that question while walking you through the many contraptions and interactive displays found at the four designated galleries; namely, EARTH, ATOM, UNIVERSE and TECHNOLOGY.

         Science Comes Alive at The Mind Museum

Let the tour begins.

Entrance Wristband at The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Aedi The Friendly Robot. 
Aedi is essentially idea spelled backwards. Adorable and smart, this robot is the museum's official greeter and he did welcome us in style.

Welcome to The Mind Museum @ Taguig!

Tutapel with bestie Nathan


Stan T-Rex.
Despite my enthusiasm, I must admit that the only thing I knew about the museum was the Giant T-Rex fondly called Stan which looked pretty much similar to the one found at the American Museum of Natural History as featured in the movie, A Night at the Museum. Smiling Smiley Face


When we finally saw it, boy, were we impressed! Even Bebe Tutapel who disliked striking a pose, generously offered several k-popified moves for the photo-op. Unfortunately though, we can't seem to sneak our way in front of it without bumping into a bunch of equally excited kids. 

Massive Tyrannosaurus Rex @ The Mind Museum 

The Mind Museum @ Taguig
Dinosaurs through the centuries

The Human Story.
In one corner of the impressive gallery, we saw what many believe as life-sized models of our ancestors. 

The Mind Museum @ Taguig
Courtesy of Mommy Camille

The Human Brain.
As famous astrophysicist Carl Sagan once said, "The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use, we feel very good. Understanding is joyous."  The massive installation applies this principle by lighting up the different brain parts to show their individual functions. 

With fellow preschooler Jamille at The Mind Museum @ Taguig
Courtesy of Mommy Camille

Whale Shark.
An impressive life-sized model of the whale shark or butanding in the vernacular, which is considered to be the largest fish in the sea measuring about 40 feet or even more.

With fellow preschooler RJ at The Mind Museum @ Taguig
Courtesy of Mommy Jerissa 

Bernoulli's Principle.
This super fun device aims to explain how things such as paper, frisbees and aircrafts fly. In essence, this particular principle tries to say that when there's more pressure on the bottom, the air on top moves faster creating less pressure which eventually lifts the object in question.**

With fellow preschooler RJ at The Mind Museum @ Taguig
Courtesy of Mommy Jerissa

Nature's Hour Glass.
For 20 minutes or so, we were treated to an exciting 3D animated film comparable to what we've seen from the Shrek 4-D Adventure at Universal Studios Singapore or even the Mickey's Philharmagic at Hong Kong Disneyland! For schedules, please click this.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig
Courtesy of Mommy Camille

The Atom Gallery

Newton's Cradle.
Through this fun fixture, visitors will learn first-hand how Newton's Third Law of Motion really works. Is there really an equal or opposite reaction to every action? Smiling Smiley Face

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Carbon: Basis of all Life on Earth.
Due to its valency, carbon has the ability to create a variety of allotropes such as diamond, graphite or graphene. Here in this interactive display, Tutapel was able to play with the toy allotropes by putting them together.  

Tutapel at The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Electric Table: Magnets & Currents.
Visitors can move the ring from one side to the other through the theory of electromagnetic field which can be explained by both a direction and a magnitude/ strength.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Atom Centerpiece.
A fun 3D representation of how electrons move in atoms which is a necessary consideration in the development of technology.

Atom Dance @ The Mind Museum

Everything is Made Up of Atoms.
A super cute Hershey-like installation aiming to debunk the ancient theory that all matter is a variation of earth, air, fire and water only. It was only at the dawn of the 20th century that scientists have been able to prove that matter in fact is made up of atoms.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Static Ball.
Once my son's teachers touched the static ball also known as the Van de Graaf generator, their hair became positively charged causing the individual hair strands to repel one another. So cool! Smiling Smiley Face

With two of our fave teachers at The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Shadow Box.
Our friends in school struck a pose or two on the phosphorescent wall utilized with a timed light source to encapsulate and later on show their shadows. 

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

The Universe Gallery

The Solar System.
It's unthinkable that there was once a time, people actually believed that the earth was the center of the solar system. In 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus introduced a conflicting theory that it was not the earth, but the sun as the true center, and all the planets, comets, asteroids and moons revolve around it. Instead of being celebrated, the theory received massive opposition but further experiments and discoveries have since proven the Copernican theory to be true after all. 

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Look at the Moon.
As we all know, the moon is the only celestial body ever visited by man. In a funny way, we can call it the earth's BFF considering its close proximity and all. The museum's impressive display gave us an idea on how the moon might look like up close, alongside an introduction to its 8 phases in its 29. 5 day cycle.

The Moon's 8 Phases at The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Lifetime of A Star.
Stars are indeed some of the most spectacular celestial bodies ever created considering their popularity in science and life in general. At the Mind Museum, three giant round fixtures in red, yellow and bluish white wish to show how stars are formed in the galaxy and how long they usually last.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Dressed For Space.
Outer space can be a tad overwhelming. To help the astronaut breathe and survive the freezing temperature, a special kind of spacesuit has been designed especially for them. 

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

What Is On Mars?
We have been attracted to the planet Mars for so long perhaps because of its similarity to the Earth's physical conditions. In this particular corner at the Mind Museum, visitors can "steer and control the Mars Exploration Rovers named Spirit and Opportunity" to give us a glimpse of what their job is on the Red Planet.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Although much smaller than the NIDO FORTIFIED Science Discovery Center Planetarium, The Mind Museum's highly-esteemed centerpiece was still successful in presenting the stories of the universe in a more intimate way. For Show Times, please click this link.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Principle of Parallax.
By aligning the viewfinders toward the star, the principle of parallax can be simulated to measure the distance of some nearby stars.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Virtual Universe Gallery.
At first, we thought that the giant touch screen was filled with interactive games; but, it turned out to be a repository of the museum's generous sponsors.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

The Technology Gallery

Avenue of Life.
Not all escalators are created equal. The Mind Museum's version is clearly a vision of elegance as it tries to showcase the Earth's various natural environments as seen in its displays.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig
Courtesy of Mommy Jerissa

Gutenberg Press.
It's interesting to see that a simple movable type printing press such as the one below, has revolutionized printing and literature in a tremendously awesome way. All thanks to the creativity and ingenuity of Johannes Gutenberg!

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Have you ever wondered what would happen to humanity without language? To pursue this thought, a special contraption was created to challenge visitors in matching certain words to their corresponding English, French and Filipino translations.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

To show how the written word can move human beings, visitors are encouraged to read passages from certain literary pieces provided in the gallery while holding the heart rate monitor.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Beauty Symmetry.
We've heard it before and The Mind Museum has found an interestingly different way to present the age-old romantic adage,"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Mommy Camille at the Mind Museum @ Taguig

Mathematics: Cars With Different Wheel Shapes.
Tutapel rushed to this section mainly because of his unending fascination with cars. He almost blurted out, "Ka-chow!" in the process.Smiling Smiley Face What this display aims to achieve is to teach visitors about Reuleaux Shapes that as long as a shape has a constant width in all directions, it can move as freely as a round wheel.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Mathematics: Kaleidoscope.
Surprisingly, when Tutapel turned the wheel, we saw interesting patterns come to life!  

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Storage and Recording: The Way We Store.
As this particular contraption says, "Recording is a human act of self-preservation." For instance, Singapore continues to encourage netizens to contribute their unforgettable memories about Singapore through the portal Even the US Library of Congress has initiated a massive campaign to encourage ordinary citizens to record their stories via the National Recording Registry.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Optical Illusion.
Do you know that some people believe that we see illusions because of the eye's physical characteristics? But still, there are those who are convinced that optical illusions are influenced by perspective or the manner in which we look at something. Any which way, Tutapel's classmate Jamille clearly had a blast in this particular section at the museum.

Pretty Jamille at The Mind Museum @ Taguig
Courtesy of Mommy Camille

The Seed Drill.
Constructed primarily to position seeds in the soil and to conceal them afterwards, the earliest known European seed drill was attributed to Camillo Torello but further developed by Jethro Tullo in 1701 at the height of the Agricultural Revolution.

With fellow preschooler Janicka at The Mind Museum @ Taguig
Courtesy of Mommy Camille

The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments.
A separate exhibit that chronicles 10 of the most beautiful experiments in science based on the book The Prism and the Pendulum by acclaimed philosopher and science historian, Robert P. Crease.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Sustainable Communities.
Colorful displays aim to show how the Payatas Project, farmers school in Dumangas Iloilo and El Nido Resorts have adopted the green balance in their communities. 

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Giant Clam Project in Bolinao.
Tutapel was attracted to the lights around this particular fixture representing Bolinao's position at the forefront of the giant clam conservation in the Philippines.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Conservation Science.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Fisheries Bycatch.
A LED presentation that tries to explain how the fishing industry has contributed to the demise of tens of thousands of sea turtles annually.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Sulu Sulawesi Seascapes.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

When I saw the display above, I can't help but recall the first time I saw the statue of Lapu-Lapu up close.  
Lapu-Lapu Shrine in Cebu

Be RICEponsible.
A colorful section that aims to explain the major importance of rice and how Filipinos can help make our country rice-sufficient by year-end.

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

Interactive Game: Help The Animals Find Their Way Home.
A fun drag and drop game that even preschoolers find extremely enjoyable. 

The Mind Museum @ Taguig

I was particularly happy when I saw the info card about the Philippine Tarsier. I can't help but be reminded of how excited I was when I first saw it in Bohol.

Up Close the Tarsier of Bohol

After the tour, Tutapel and I went to the Mind Museum Store because I wanted to see its assortment of educational materials and other learning toys.

The Mind Museum Store @ Taguig

I got all revved up when I saw these souvenir items to celebrate the museum's highly popular Da Vinci-The Genius Exhibit ongoing until November 30!

Da Vinci-The Genius Exhibit ongoing until November 30!

Courtesy of Mommy Camille
Annyeong ,The Mind Museum @ Taguig!
'Til We Meet Again!

* Embrace Discomfort to Overcome Learning Plateaus by
** Bernoulli's Principle

The Mind Museum @ Taguig
Address: JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue,
bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Sked: Open Tuesdays to Sundays
Time Slots:
9 AM to 12 NN
12 NN to 3 PM
3 PM to 6 PM
6 PM to 9 PM (Saturdays only)

Ticket Prices for 3-Hour Time Slots: 
Php 600 (Adults)
Php 450 (Children)
Php 150 (Teachers & Public School Students)

Da Vinci-The Genius Exhibit Pass: 
Php 250 (Adults)
Php 200 (Children)

Museum Tour + Da Vinci-The Genius Exhibit:
Php 800 (Adults)
Php 600 (Children)
Php 300 (Teachers & Public School Students)

Museum Tour + Da Vinci-The Genius Exhibit All Day Pass:
Php 950 (Adults or Kids)

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