Monday, October 28, 2013

TAG: Top Gift Ideas at Bohol Bee Farm

Your visit to Bohol Bee Farm won't be complete without shopping for gift items that can only be found there. But the wide range of options might just overwhelm even the staunchest shopaholics.

To help solve this issue, please allow me to guide you through the many interesting choices found at The Buzz Shop to help save some valuable time on your visit.

Inside The Buzz Souvenir Shop @ Bohol Bee Farm 

1.  Bohol Bee Farm Honey.
Molave Honey: Regular: Php 190; Medium Php 220; Large Php 750
Coconut Honey: Regular: Php 250; Medium Php 220 
Wild Honey: Regular: Php 190; Medium Php 220; Large Php 750

Bohol Bee Farm Honey

2.  Bohol Bee Farm Breads.
Squash Bread Loaf: Php 180
Dessicated Coco Bread: Php 10/piece
Camote Bread
Choco, Corn, Carrot & Squash Muffins: Php 15-20/piece

Bohol Bee Farm Breads

3.  Bohol Bee Farm Spreads.
Coriander Spread: Small: Php 190; Big: Php 280
Mango Spread: Small: Php 190; Big: Php 280
Malunggay Spread: Small: Php 190; Big: Php 280
Honey Spread: Small: Php 190; Big: Php 280
Pesto Spread: Small: Php 190; Big: Php 280

Bohol Bee Farm Spreads

4.  Bohol Bee Farm's Packaged Delicacies. 
Peanut Crunch Php 60
Ube Barquillos Php 60
Peanut Cookies Php  30
Chunk Nuts Php 60
Binangkal Php 20
Peanut Nuggets Php 60

5.  Bohol Bee Farm Cab Cab. 
Dried Cab Cab: Php 60
Cab Cab Honeyed Chips: Php 80
Spicy Veggie Chips: Php 80
Baked Cab Cab: Php 80
Curried Veggies: Php 80

Bohol Bee Farm's Cab Cab variants

6.  Bohol Bee Farm Beauty Soaps. 
Honeyed Milk Soap: Php 60/piece
Honeyed Papaya Soap: Php 60/piece

Bohol Bee Farm Soaps

7.  Human Nature Product Line.
Human Nature Shampoo: Php 200
Human Nature Body Butter Cream: Php 480

Human Nature @ Bohol Bee Farm

8.  Bohol Bee Farm Handicrafts.

Bohol Bee Farm Handicrafts

9.  Bohol Bee Farm Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags.
To add a certain level of creativity to your gift items, 
opt to put them in handwoven baskets of varying sizes and shapes 
just like the ones below.

Bohol Bee Farm Handicrafts

10.  The Buzz Ice Cream.
The Buzz Ice Cream is available for take-out. Choose from an array of 10 flavors namely, Pandan, Spicy Ginger, 
Ube, Malunggay, Mango, Chocolate, Buko, Tomato, Avocado and Buko. 

 To-go-ice cream: Php 120 (Paper bowl)
Php 160 (  1 pint) 
Php 380 ( Half gallon)

Happy Shopping! Smiling Smiley Face


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