TAG: Top Gift Ideas at Bohol Bee Farm

Your visit to Bohol Bee Farm won't be complete without shopping for gift items that can only be found there. But the wide range of options might just overwhelm even the staunchest shopaholics.

To help solve this issue, please allow me to guide you through the many interesting choices found at The Buzz Shop to help save some valuable time on your visit.

Inside The Buzz Souvenir Shop @ Bohol Bee Farm 

1.  Bohol Bee Farm Honey.
Molave Honey: Regular: Php 190; Medium Php 220; Large Php 750
Coconut Honey: Regular: Php 250; Medium Php 220 
Wild Honey: Regular: Php 190; Medium Php 220; Large Php 750

Bohol Bee Farm Honey

2.  Bohol Bee Farm Breads.
Squash Bread Loaf: Php 180
Dessicated Coco Bread: Php 10/piece
Camote Bread
Choco, Corn, Carrot & Squash Muffins: Php 15-20/piece

Bohol Bee Farm Breads

3.  Bohol Bee Farm Spreads.
Coriander Spread: Small: Php 190; Big: Php 280
Mango Spread: Small: Php 190; Big: Php 280
Malunggay Spread: Small: Php 190; Big: Php 280
Honey Spread: Small: Php 190; Big: Php 280
Pesto Spread: Small: Php 190; Big: Php 280

Bohol Bee Farm Spreads

4.  Bohol Bee Farm's Packaged Delicacies. 
Peanut Crunch Php 60
Ube Barquillos Php 60
Peanut Cookies Php  30
Chunk Nuts Php 60
Binangkal Php 20
Peanut Nuggets Php 60

5.  Bohol Bee Farm Cab Cab. 
Dried Cab Cab: Php 60
Cab Cab Honeyed Chips: Php 80
Spicy Veggie Chips: Php 80
Baked Cab Cab: Php 80
Curried Veggies: Php 80

Bohol Bee Farm's Cab Cab variants

6.  Bohol Bee Farm Beauty Soaps. 
Honeyed Milk Soap: Php 60/piece
Honeyed Papaya Soap: Php 60/piece

Bohol Bee Farm Soaps

7.  Human Nature Product Line.
Human Nature Shampoo: Php 200
Human Nature Body Butter Cream: Php 480

Human Nature @ Bohol Bee Farm

8.  Bohol Bee Farm Handicrafts.

Bohol Bee Farm Handicrafts

9.  Bohol Bee Farm Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags.
To add a certain level of creativity to your gift items, 
opt to put them in handwoven baskets of varying sizes and shapes 
just like the ones below.

Bohol Bee Farm Handicrafts

10.  The Buzz Ice Cream.
The Buzz Ice Cream is available for take-out. Choose from an array of 10 flavors namely, Pandan, Spicy Ginger, 
Ube, Malunggay, Mango, Chocolate, Buko, Tomato, Avocado and Buko. 

 To-go-ice cream: Php 120 (Paper bowl)
Php 160 (  1 pint) 
Php 380 ( Half gallon)

Happy Shopping! Smiling Smiley Face


Into the Uniquely Organic Vibe at Bohol Bee Farm

Barely two months ago, the whole family went back to Bohol for a reunion of sorts. Clearly, Bohol is one of those places you'll never get tired of visiting, over and over again. So you can understand our anguish when we found out about the terrible quake that hit Bohol recently which literally shook the very foundation of this once idyllic region. We can only pray that in time, Boholanos will find the strength to rebuild and later promote their beautiful province once again.

We truly hope that Bohol Bee Farm, one of the tourist spots we went to, wasn't affected that much. For many years, this place has become very popular for its organic dishes, unique ice cream flavors and honey products made available in their in-house resto and souvenir shop.

Welcome to Bohol Bee Farm! 

It turned out that Bohol Bee Farm was also a resort. However, we didn't express much interest in the accommodations aspect because our primary objective was to try their food!

The Family with Tito Hormigita @ Bohol Bee Farm 

But it didn't stop us from exploring the farm as a wonderful prelude to the main aria: Late Lunch! On our way to the resto, we saw a plethora of herbs that looked so inviting and happy! :) If only plants could speak, then they would probably have promoted themselves just so we can fully experience their healing benefits.

Herbs For Sale @ Bohol Bee Farm

When I saw the Herb Garden, I thought that having something like this in our own backyards will truly add some zest to home-cooked meals. Just imagine, freshly picked herbs, either mixed in or sprinkled on every dish can rival any recipe from a Martha Stewart Cookbook! :)

Momshie Leng & my niece Erika @ Bohol Bee Farm

Adjacent to the Herb Garden was a significantly wide hut filled with all sorts of handicrafts reminiscent of those being made at Ilog Maria Bee Farm, a tourist spot in Cavite, popular for the same range of products.

Bohol Bee Farm Crafts & Livelihood Program

When I saw these wooden looms, I can't help but be reminded of similar tools used at the Easter Weaving Room in Baguio, another tourist destination known for its indigenous textiles and handicrafts.  

Wooden Looms @ Bohol Bee Farm

Textile Weaves @ Bohol Bee Farm

Aren't they bee-a-u-ti-ful? Good news! These handicraft items are being sold at the Souvenir Shop found inside the farm.

Handicrafts @ Bohol Bee Farm

Alas, it's time for the main event: My Birthday Lunch! :) Well, in essence, it was really a super duper late lunch considering our 3:30 PM arrival. Setting that particular detail aside, I was really ecstatic to be there, just two days after my birthday. It's not every year that I get to celebrate this particular life event in such an outstanding way, so I was really thankful to the Lord for such a wonderful gift.

Pathway to the resto

When we finally found the resto, we felt like the place was specially reserved just for us. :)

It turned out that most of the visitors that afternoon opted to dine in the balcony with the beach as a lovely backdrop!

The Kulet Gang @ Bohol Bee Farm

The hot weather though led us to settle on one of the long tables adjacent to the balcony.  There, we were given menus covered by multi-colored textile weaves with the words BOHOL BEE FARM imprinted on them. It took us more than 15 minutes to complete our order because we didn't quite know which ones to choose.

Family Time @ Bohol Bee Farm

Allow me to share with you some of the dishes we tried that lovely afternoon.

Complimentary Squash Bread with Mango & Pesto Spreads.
Sweet, tasty bread made even yummier when paired with the mango & pesto spreads. Great news! This particular bread and spread variants are available at Bohol Bee Farm's Souvenir Shop called The Buzz Shop. 

Bohol Bee Farm

Complimentary Cab Cab with Pesto and Green tomatoes.
Relatively crunchy cab cab served with a zesty dip. It is a rather polarizing snack, if you ask me, because of its unique taste and texture.

Bohol Bee Farm

Halang Halang Soup (A La Carte: Single Order- Php 260. Family Size: Php 680).
Reminiscent of another popular pinoy dish called tinola, Halang Halang Soup however prides itself by simmering the chicken in coconut water mixed in with some ginger, bell peppers, lemon grass, coconut meat, sayote, upo, patola, radish and malunggay leaves. Bohol Bee Farm's version of this classic Boholano dish was very flavorful, zesty and boast of a light consistency which I think worked well with the the inherent nature of the dish. I can't say that I fell in love with it; but, at least, it became one of my faves that afternoon, next to the bread 'n' spreads.

Bohol Bee Farm

Organic Garden Salad (Free in every rice meal. A La Carte: Single Order Php 190. Family Size: Php 680).
A fusion of romaine lettuce, radish, turnips, mustard greens and indigenous flowers drizzled in honey mustard dressing. Surprisingly delish flower salad without a hint of bitterness. Worth raving about!

My Fave: Organic Garden Salad @Bohol Bee Farm

Baked Spare Ribs. (A La Carte: Around Php 260)
Flavorful meat served with red rice topped with sweet potato (camote) bits and garden salad on the side. I loved the addition of camote for it provides the rice with a much needed sweetness.

Bohol Bee Farm

Garlic Shrimps. (A La Carte: Php 400)
Another tasty dish but not quite outstanding in my opinion. But still, I love shrimps so I am still pretty much pleased with the dish.

Bohol Bee Farm

Grilled Squid. (A La Carte Php 300)
Although not worth raving about, the not-so-greasy squid proves to be the perfect choice for those trying to control their cholesterol levels.  

Bohol Bee Farm

Honey Glazed Chicken. (A La Carte: Php 260)
Cassava Lumpia. (A La Carte: Php 200).
Tasty but not quite impressive, the lumpia and chicken can be ordered separately or as a meal depending on your preference. Most kids and adults alike might have a better time if you order white rice topped with camote bits though.

Bohol Bee Farm

Instead of ordering ice cream at the resto, we opted to go to the Ice Cream Station located near the farm entrance.

The Buzz offers 10 unique ice cream flavors: Pandan, Spicy Ginger, Ube, Malunggay, Mango, Chocolate, Buko, Tomato, Avocado and Buko. Bloggers rave about the Bohol Bee Farm Ice Cream and we were excited to find out whether that claim was really true or not.

The Verdict? Their ice cream was super creamy, astoundingly tasty and so worth the calories! :) I also loved the fact that cab cab was used as a cone because it slowed down the melting process. As for the flavors, we loved Spicy Ginger, Tomato and Malunggay the best. One scoop cost Php 60 and Php 80 for two scoops. To-go-ice cream is also available for Php 120 when placed in a paper bowl, Php 160 for 1 pint and Php 380 for a half gallon. It would be a sin to leave the resort/resto without tasting The Buzz Ice Cream. :)

Spicy Ginger Ice Cream @ Bohol Bee Farm 
Malunggay Ice Cream @ Bohol Bee Farm

Lovin' my Malunggay Ice Cream @ Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm: More Fun In The Philippines

My Tips:

  • Don't expect the dishes at Bohol Bee Farm to be impressive. Remember: People don't go there just for the food but for the over-all dining experience of being close to nature. 
  • For the buffet lunch/dinner, the resto offers the following dishes: Organic Garden Salad; Cab Cab with Pesto Sauce; Seafood Soup; Grilled Marlin; Honey Glazed Chicken; Baked Spare Ribs; Seafood Lasagna,; Red Rice; One round of Ice Cream and Lemongrass Juice. Buffet dishes are not refillable. Price per head is Php 550 plus 10% service charge. 
  • Don't leave the farm without tasting its trademark ice cream. 
  • Hire a tour guide for just Php 20 per person so that you can see the Bee Farm up close. Tours are only up to 4:30 PM.
  • If you're visiting as a group, better hire a van rather than the trike to cut costs. Your hotel/resort might be able to arrange some form of transportation for a fee or if this option is not possible, better call up Ramil of Bohol Rent A Car to solve this issue. To go back to your hotel/resort, opt for the service provided by Bohol Bee Farm for an affordable price.

Bohol Bee Farm
Open everyday from 6AM to 12 MN
Address: A Dao, Dauis, Panglao Bohol
Email: vickywallace@boholbeefarm.com
Phone Numbers: