M & M Bulalohan: A Hole-in-The-Wall Eatery in Tagaytay

When we checked out of Canyon Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas, we were still quite full. But as soon as we reached picturesque Tagaytay, our tummies started growling and grumbling altogether. Within minutes, we saw a series of hole-in-the-wall eateries situated one after another, which seemed too interesting to ignore. After some moments of indecision on which eatery to go to, we finally settled for M & M Bulalohan which claimed to be an expert in whipping up the proverbial Bulalo, among others.

batangas 299b
M & M Bulalohan: A Hole-in-The-Wall Eatery in Tagaytay

We were greeted by this cute monkey which turned out to be not that lovable considering that it pulled a kid's hair just moments after we arrived. It turned out that the creature was quite notorious for doing these rather annoying things to customers which made me wonder on why there wasn't any warning sign plastered on its cage? Restaurateurs should take the initiative to remove the monkey from its present location or better-yet, if they really want it to be their "official greeter," they should build a better cage to keep any pesky hair-pulling incidents at bay.

batangas 298
Notorious Monkey in front of the hole-in-the-wall eateries in Tagaytay

M & M Bulalohan: I'm sooo ready to eat!

As expected, the eatery looked fairly simple; but, clean. The plastic, checkered table tops emitted that charming "carinderia feel" which is very much intrinsic in Pinoy food culture. Aside from our family, there was also a bunch of runners who seemed to have been there for quite a while. My sis-in-law Momshie Leng and I started chatting with one of them and since he was very nice, I even asked him for some tips on how we, too, can start our very own running program. Teehee. :-)

batangas 301
M & M Bulalohan: A Hole-in-The-Wall Eatery in Tagaytay

After our friendly banter, Momshie Leng and I moved toward the balcony with the lovely Taal Lake & Volcano as a fitting backdrop.

batangas 302
Overlooking Taal Lake & Volcano

Momshie Leng: My sis from another mother :)

Moi Korean-style 

We postponed our photo-ops for later since we were really famished at that point. The family ordered several servings of the following dishes to accommodate our huge appetites. I believe I might have missed a dish or two from our menu that day, but here are the dishes that I've managed to take photos of.

M & M's Trademark Bulalo (Pinoy Beef Marrow Soup). A flavorful mixture of shank and kenchi beef slices, baguio beans, cabbage, corn and pechay. Bulalo is one of my faves growing up because my mom normally cooked this for me during major school exams. I liked the soft, chewy meat but I found the soup to be lacking in flavor. Perhaps an additional sibot (spice mixture), beef bouillon and even sweet potatoes might do the trick. :)

batangas 312
M & M Bulalohan: A Hole-in-The-Wall Eatery in Tagaytay

M & M Calamares (Breaded Fried Squid). I found this dish to be really good because it was crunchy and served steaming hot. Even my son Tutapel kept nudging me for a second and third helping.

batangas 315
M & M Bulalohan: A Hole-in-The-Wall Eatery in Tagaytay

M & M Pork Sisig. Chopped pig parts, like snout and ears plus a dash of chicken liver were made even richer by the addition of egg, not mayo. The end result was flavorful and quite appetizing.

batangas 314
M & M Bulalohan: A Hole-in-The-Wall Eatery in Tagaytay

As far as drinks are concerned, most of us preferred unadulterated coconut juice served in infamous shells for added effect. If only they were served chilled, then it would have been really good.

M & M Bulalohan: A Hole-in-The-Wall Eatery in Tagaytay

While the rest of the family were busy talking and dining at the same time, Momshie Leng and her cutie kids RJ and Erika joined Tutapel and myself for this memorable photo-op.

M & M Bulalohan: A Hole-in-The-Wall Eatery in Tagaytay

Saranghae Tagaytay!

M & M Bulalohan: A Hole-in-The-Wall Eatery in Tagaytay


Palty Bubble Hair Color Tutorial 101: Trying Out My Palty in Caramel Sauce For The First Time

Just before our Boracay trip early last month, I was already contemplating on whether to have my hair dyed in a salon or to proceed to my usual DIY hair coloring. I finally decided to pursue my DIY coloring when I saw the Japanese Bubble Hair Color called Palty during a visit to Watson's SM North-The Annex at one time.  

Palty Bubble Hair Color

My Choice: Palty in Yummy Caramel Sauce

See? My roots were obviously showing up and I can't hide them any longer. :-(

Roots, roots, go away!

Up Close with Palty

I was a Palty newbie so I wasn't really familiar with all the stuff found inside the box. Upon closer inspection, however, I was able to distinguish between the base water and the cream which was of course, the lifeline of the whole coloring process.

Allow me to show you what's inside the box:

What's inside the popular Palty Box?
From left to right: (1st row)
Hair Care Solution (light yellow packet)
Base water
Red Mixing Cup
From left to right: (2nd row)
Palty Coloring Cream
From left to right: (3rd row)
Mixing Spoon
Instruction Leaflet

All Set For the Skin Allergy Test!

Every time I use a new brand, I never fail to undergo the patch test 24 to 48 hours before hair coloring in order to keep any allergies at bay.

If you haven't done the test before, here's a four-fold approach to help guide you:

1.  Prepare the base water in bottle form, cream, plastic cover/saucer with some Q-tips.

Left to right: cream tube, plastic saucer, q-tips, base water bottle

2. Make the test solution by simply squeezing a pea-size amount of cream and placing it onto the plastic container.

3. Add in the same amount of base water onto the cream and mix both substances until they become foamy.

4. Apply the solution onto the underside of the arm. Let it dry and leave for the next 24 or 48 hours. Note: You might see some discoloration during the patch test. If you don't experience any itching or any undesirable skin results, proceed to coloring after the required time period. 

Yay! It's Time For Hair Coloring.

After reading the manual, I was able to decipher the correct process on how to prepare and apply the solution correctly.

Allow me to share with you the steps involved:

1.  Make sure to shampoo your hair the day before dyeing to avoid any scalp irritations.

2.  Shake the base water up and down around 20 times before pouring the substance onto the mixing cup.

3.  Mix in the entire contents of the cream with the base water.

Pour the base water and cream onto the mixing cup.

Here's how it looks like.

4.  Stir the mixture until foam develops.

Be careful with the overflow!

5. In case the mixture overflows, which is very likely, transfer the contents onto a bigger container. Begin the coloring right away. Don't worry about the colored beads/specks on the mixture as they won't pose any problem in the resulting hair color.

6.  Start with the roots and divide the hair into sections. Apply a scoopful of foam onto the hair until the whole head is covered with the foamy color mixture.

Palty Bubble Hair Color Tutorial 101:
 Color From Roots to Tips

                                                                                                  Palty Bubble Hair Color Tutorial 101: 
                                                                          Gently Massage Hair To Make Sure Color Is Evenly Distributed

                                                                                              Palty Bubble Hair Color Tutorial 101: 
                                               Leave the mixture on for exactly 15 minutes and 20 minutes for those with thicker hair.

7.  Once waiting time is achieved, wash hair with lukewarm water until color runs clear. Don't forget to shampoo hair and condition it with the special hair color solution included in the box.

8.  Since I have naturally fine hair, I just left the color on for exactly 15 minutes. Here's how it looked like after coloring.

Resulting color after 15 minutes

My Palty in Caramel Sauce well into its 2nd week.

My Thoughts on my Palty Experience:

  • I love Palty's rich and vibrant shade.
  • I truly enjoyed using this particular bubble hair color brand for it was very easy to use compared to my normal hair color brand. I didn't have to use any brush nor comb which made the whole process much easier and faster.
  • It only took 15 minutes of waiting time to see my desired shade.
  • Although the mixture smelled yummy at first, it exhibited a rather strong scent in the process, which was synonymous to Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion, which I wasn't really fond of. 
  • I wasn't expecting that the mixture will overflow during stirring. It was a good thing that I had a plastic container on standby which proved useful in the process.
  • Although I got my desired shade, I can't help but wonder why there were hair sections that were clearly out of sync with the others. Maybe, I wasn't able to section my hair correctly or better yet, since I have long hair, just maybe, one box isn't enough for me.

Will I recommend it?

Most definitely!

Will repurchase?


Interested in other yummy shades from Palty? Simply check this out!

Palty Bubble Hair Collection
Available at Watson's for Php 499