You Have Until Today To Claim Your Free Macaron de Paris From Tous Les Jours!

My post title says it all. If you've received Tous les Jours Vouchers from Tony Moly Philippines as part of their promo for the month of May, then you only have until today, to claim your free french macaron. 

When I realized that the vouchers were about to expire, I readily claimed my freebies a couple of weeks ago from their branch at SM The Block. It was my first time to taste TLJ macarons and I have to say that these confections were really well-thought of.

Tous Les Jours macarons resemble Sinfully's when it comes to texture, but not as sweet, which I regard as a plus factor for TLJ.

Tous les Jours Philippines
TLJ Macaron Flavors: 
Strawberry (Pink)
Mango (Yellow)
Vanilla (Ivory)
Green Tea (Green)
Chocolate (Brown)

I was about to go straight to the counter, when my path was derailed by an array of breads that seemed to call out my name. I can't help but do a double take and before knowing it, I found myself reaching for some of their baked goodies along the way. 

Here are some of their bestsellers that I was fortunate enough to try:

Tous les Jours Philippines

Tous les Jours MADELINES 
 Tous les Jours SWEET RED BEAN DONUT (Php38)

Tous les Jours Philippines


Seven Charming Confections That Say "I Heart You!"

My Recent Beauty Haul From Tony Moly


Lovin' My Cutie Uniqlo Tote Bag!

Uniqlo Tote Bag

Dearest U gave me this cutie UNIQLO Tote Bag during his last visit here in the Philippines. I can't help but smile when I saw MANILA engraved on it, too.

Thanks so much U! :-)

Incidentally, Uniqlo-philes out there will rejoice when Uniqlo SM Fairview finally opens shop on June 14th. Expect a throng of visitors to raid this popular Japanese brand as it steadily increases its clout among Pinoy shoppers in the metro.

Uniqlo SM Fairview: Opening Very Soon!

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Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho's Much Awaited Concert Is Slated This July at the Mall of Asia Arena!

After Lee Min Ho's Benchsetter Fun Meets last November, all of us were clamoring for another opportunity for his return. Now, our wish has finally been granted via a grand concert aptly called Lee Min Ho Live In Concert: Manila-World Tour 2013 slated on July 6th. In this highly anticipated event, the pop idol is expected to sing selections from his very first album dubbed My Everything, and in so doing captivate and mesmerize his fans all over again.

I know for a fact that tickets will soon be sold out, that's why, this early, I dashed to the nearest SM Mall to get a couple of tickets. :-)

Lee Min Ho Live In Concert: Manila-World Tour 2013

If you're wondering about the ticket breakdown, here's a screenshot of SM Ticketnet's promo:

Lee Min Ho Live In Concert: Manila-World Tour 2013

And while we await LMH's return, it's always a good thing to view some snippets from his Benchsetter Fun Meets last year. Here's just one of them:

                                                                       Courtesy of Timeless Confection YouTube Channel

Remember: Lee Min Ho's grand concert happens on the 6th of July 2013, 8 PM at the Mall of Asia Arena. See you there!

Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho for Bench Summer 2013

Lee Min Ho Live In Concert: Manila-World Tour 2013
Available at all SM Ticketnet Branches
For VVIP (VIP 1 and VIP 2 - First 10 Rows), please call 374-9999


NOTD: Glitzy Nails By Essence Colour & Go

Essence at Healthy & Beauty, SM Fairview

Nail art has always fascinated me but I'm not so sure on whether I have the skill nor the patience to do it every so often. But with the re-introduction of glitter nail tints last season, I must admit though that I've been seriously considering getting some for they promise gorgeous nails in just minutes.

It was rather timely when my favorite Malaysian blogger Nicolekiss shared some NOTDS in her post about Essence Cosmetics.  What made me shriek for joy was the fact, that this cosmetic line is available at a nearby SM Department Store! That was why during my last mall visit, I decided to grab a couple of nail tints just to try them out.

Essence Color & Go @ Health & Beauty SM FAirview
Php 99/ bottle

My verdict? I'm loving the Essence Nail Tints because of their vivid hues, richly designed brush and very affordable price tag compared to other brands. So you can understand that out of sheer excitement, I started taking these pics even if my nails were still freshly painted. :)

The purple glitter nail polish boasts of an almost transparent shade bespeckled with glitters.  
It only appears darker here because I used a more vivid purple shade as base coat. 

This is how it looks like when the orange tint is used as base coat 
and the purply glitter nail tint as top coat.

Essence Cosmetics
Health & Beauty Section of SM Department Store
SM Fairview
Select Watson's Branches


Revisiting Boracay After 16 Years...

Hubby Bala and I were so surprised to see, how much the island of Boracay has changed over the years. In 1997, around the time of our 2nd wedding anniversary, there were only a handful of resorts to choose from. Booking one also proved to be quite bothersome. A long distance call must first be placed to the island operator, who in turn, will connect you to your resort of choice. Eateries at the time had very limited dishes, too, and with only two to three restos offering buffet dinners. Food selections were pretty much the same when I came back in '98 with my childhood bestie Dianne.

Island Hopping with Stopover at Friday's Resort (May 1997)

But now, Boracay is on a whole new level! The island bursts with a plethora of restos, eateries and food stalls scattered all over the place and with almost all of the resorts from Stations 1 to 3, feature al fresco dining with the White Beach as a magnificent backdrop.

Al Fresco Dining: A regular feature of Boracay's varied restos 

One thing remains the same, though. The four kilometer long White Beach is as gorgeous as ever! And the sensation of just stepping on its powdery white sand was enough for me to say, that the almost four hours of travel from Quezon City to Boracay was all worth the effort!

Boracay Station 1 (2013)

Although specks of green algae were noticeable, most especially in Station 1, the bluish-green waters still proved to be a refreshing retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Boracay (2013)

While touring the island, I've noticed that Boracay was filled with foreign tourists, mainly from China and South Korea, where the island is being promoted in a big way. These Chinese and Korean nationals have become a significant part of the 1.2 million tourists that Boracay attracts annually, which although impressive, still falls short of the 2.5 million visitors that Phuket commands.

Boracay is teeming with foreign tourists

But all of us are hoping that with the on-going Caticlan Airport Development Project being led by the winning bidder, San Miguel Corporation, which also happens to be one of Asia's most trusted conglomerates, the airport will indeed be given a major makeover, enough to meet the goal of drawing three million more tourists to Boracay.

With that said, here are some of the blog posts that you can expect out of our Boracay escapade:

Flying To and From Boracay

Aboard Seair  at Kalibo International Airport

What Southwest Tours Boracay Should Improve On

Land and Boat Transfers by Southwest Tours Boracay 

Affordable Accommodations at Casa Pilar Beach Resort

Exploring Boracay Stations 2 & 3 

Tutapel goofin' around along Station 3 in Boracay

Trying Out the Popular Jonah's Fruitshake and Snack Bar in Boracay

Bala and Tutapel enjoying Boracay's Station 1

jonah's fruitshake and snack bar in boracay station 1
Jonah's Fruitshake and Snack Bar in Station 1, Boracay

Buffet Dinner For Just Php 295 at Bamboo Bar & Resto

Buffet dinner at Bamboo Bar and Restaurant in Boracay Station 2

A Refreshing Time at Lemon iCafe, D'Mall Boracay

lemonicafe at d'mall boracay
A quick lunch at Lemon ICafe at D'Mall Boracay

Comfort Food Pairings at D'Mall Boracay: Sharetea & Bite-Club Grilled Burgers

sharetea boracay
Sharetea at D'Mall Boracay

bite-club grilled burgers
Delish Burgers at Bite Club D'Mall Boracay

Delish Seafoods at Plato D'Boracay

Plato D'Boracay at D'Mall

Snack Time at McDonald's Boracay

Snack time at Mcdonald's Boracay

Relishing Our One-Of-A-Kind Glass Bottom Boat Tour in Boracay 

glass-bottom boat tour in boracay
Glass Bottom Boat Tour in Manoc Manoc, Boracay

Souvenir Shopping Around D'Talipapa, The Original Talipapa and D'Mall Boracay

Souvenir Shopping at D'Talipapa


Can't Wait To Try The Japanese Bubble Hair Color Brand Called Palty in Yummy Caramel Sauce!

When I look at this particular photo, my hair color seems fine.

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Last Month's Hair Color: Revlon Luminista (165) in Light Caramel Brown 
topped with Shine Moist Henna Wax in Golden Brown

But a closer look can't deny some serious roots showing up which badly need some touch-ups, pronto! :)

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Oh No! My roots are showing up...

I've been wanting to fix that hair problem for a few weeks now but I can't seem to decide on whether to have it done in a salon, for a change, or just continue with my usual D-I-Y option.

When we went to SM North-Annex last night, I passed by Watson's just to look at its latest fare of hair color products. I saw boxes of my fave Revlon Luminista series with free bottles of nail polish to boot!

I was almost tempted to buy a box if not for an unexpected incident. I saw the famous Japanese hair color called Palty in one of the shelves! I almost shrieked with excitement. Seriously, it was hard for me to believe its presence because it is quite hard to find it at malls here in the metro.

Truth is, I've been wanting to try this famous bubble hair color ever since I saw Orange (Oyen) Tuazon's Palty tutorials in her blog ClearWing. 

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Palty's Oh So Yummy Colors @ Watson's:
1st Row: Namachoco Waffle
2nd Row: Creamy Caramel
3rd Row: Cinnamon Churros (Left) 
& Milktea Brown (Right)
4th Row: Raspberry Jam (Not Captured Here)

Thanks to Watson's, Palty-philes like me can now start changing hair colors whenever we want to. I just hope that all branches are carrying the entire Palty series to give fans like me a chance to stock up, anytime.

You might be wondering which shade I chose. Well, I settled for yummy Caramel Sauce because it's the nearest hue that's being worn by K-Drama actresses nowadays. :)

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My Choice: Palty in Caramel Sauce!

Palty Bubble Hair Collection
Available at Watson's for Php 499