Friday, March 8, 2013

A Meaningful Breakfast At Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia ♪♪♪

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 Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia

Like you, I'm also deeply fascinated whenever I see people passionate about their line of work. 

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia

At Ya Kun Kaya Mall of Asia, a kind staff showed just that by doing the classic pulling and pouring technique with much pizzazz, which according to him, "will bring out the tea's body to perfection." 

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia's 
Classic Pulled Tea or Teh Tarik served with condensed milk: Foamy and Frosty!

Unlike its Singaporean sibling, Ya Kun Kaya at 313@Somerset which prohibited photo-ops of any kind...

                                                                         Ya Kun Kaya Toast at 313@ Somerset Mall, Singapore

...the staff at Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia didn't implement similar stringent rules- much to my delight! :)

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Bala & Tutapel @ Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia

I was craving for a traditional Singaporean breakfast at that time which translated to some soft-boiled eggs, toasted bread with kaya and teh tarik. After perusing their menu, I figured that Value Set Meal G was the perfect fit for me. :)
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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia
Value Set Meal G: Cheezy French Toast with Kaya (Php 150)

Unlike Kopi Roti, another popular Singaporean Food Chain, wherein the eggs are seasoned for you, Ya Kun Kaya serves plain eggs sans any condiments, perhaps to allow you to control the pepper and sweet soy sauce. But as for me, I prefer seasoned eggs over unseasoned ones. After all, this seemingly trivial matter still requires a degree of expertise, right? :) Any which way, I still enjoyed how a simple pair of plain eggs were brought to life by the addition of some pepper and soy.

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia's Soft-Boiled Eggs

As expected, Ya Kun Kaya's Cheezy French Toast was tasty and filling, more so when I dipped it into the Ya Kun Kaya's bestselling Kaya spread.  Although my bread choice was flavorful and all, I still think though that the best partner for kaya is a simple toast with thick slabs of butter inside. :) 

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia's Cheezy French Toast with Kaya

Bala, on the other hand, wasn't really up for any Singaporean-style breakfast that was why he opted for Ya Kun Kaya's newest Claypot Rice Meal: Sa Po Fan! When I scooped a sample, it tasted like our very own adobo but filled with some very unique spices evident in each bite.

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia's Sa Po Fan Claypot Meal (Php 140)

Planning your own Ya Kun Kaya Feast? Do check out their menu, first.

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia Menu # 1

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia Menu # 2

And if you're raring to create your own Singaporean-style breakfast, you may even want to take home some Kaya Jars to make your brekkie a lot more authentic.

Authentic Ya Kun Kaya Jars 
Big Kaya Jar: Php 210
Kaya Jar Gift Pack: Php 250

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Mall of Asia
♪♪♪ Good. It's definitely worth a try.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Philippines
SM Mall of Asia
NAIA Terminal 2
Robinson's Place Manila
FERN Bldg., Escriva Drive, Ortigas


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