Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Beloved F4 (Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Vic Zhou & Ken Chu) Is Back to Celebrate The Chinese New Year! (Updated)

A little over ten years ago, I was one of millions smitten with the phenomenal boy band from Taiwan known as F4. I, too, was glued on ABS-CBN for the daily Tagalized installment of the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden where F4 members Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu played iconic characters that have become well-loved by fans around Asia! Fan clubs sprouted everywhere as well as online suppliers willing to download the group's as well as its individual members' international concerts and countless TV appearances--for a fee. :-)

Aside from the group's concerts and interviews here in the Philippines, I particularly loved their Hong Kong Concert not just because of Jerry Yan serenading a female fan onstage; but, also for behind-the-scene footage that gave any fangirl a glimpse of how their favorite F4 member was in real life. I don't think I need to mention the numerous memorabilia that I have accumulated over the years-including their albums, Pepsi Ask For More Poster and CD! :-)

During F4's heights of international super-stardom, I was one of many who actually believed that the phenomenal Meteor Storm will never cease to exist. Sadly, the phenomenon did fizzle out after a few years as it was eclipsed by the then rising K-Pop wave.

Maybe times have indeed changed in the Asian Music and Drama landscape, but for F4 fans, including myself, F4 will always be the group that introduced Pinoys to the beauty and wonders of Asian dramas and Asian pop music which were deemed unpopular in a sea of Latin-inspired programs and songs, at the time. 

Perhaps F4 may not be the F4 of yester years; even Ken Chu  admitted to facing some form of emotional crisis during the tail end of their meteoric rise in this moving interview for I also remembered Vanness Wu talking about how heartbroken he was during his time on the spotlight in this short testimony.

As Julia Roberts's character in Notting Hill once said, "the fame thing isn't really real, you know..." I dare say that the real issue here is our beloved F4 has successfully emerged from the shackles of past glory into a more glittering and fulfilling life; that is, following their passions both in their respective careers and personal lives.

That said, two days ago, every F4 fan's wish finally came true when Jerry, Vanness, Vic and Ken made a rare appearance together singing their hit songs for the Chinese New Year show broadcast via Jiangsu Satellite TV (JSTV). 

Here are two F4 concert photos lifted from one of my favorite blogs, 

I got teary-eyed when I saw this particular photo, because this was their usual huddle before their every concert in the past. See that girl in the background? That was their same make-up person from 12 years ago. What loyalty!   :-)

F4 Forever!

F4 @ the 2013 Jiang Su Chinese New Year (CNY) Concert.

Here's the official broadcast of the 2013 Jiang Su Chinese New Year (CNY) Concert featuring our beloved F4. Translation is by xiaokhat on Youtube.  You're the absolute best!

Watch how some of their most loyal fans react to their long-awaited reunion.  

Courtesy of jerrysh77 on YouTube

Now, please allow me to share with you my favorite F4 song, Meteor Rain during one of their most unforgettable concerts here in the Philippines. Come, reminisce with me...:)

Courtesy of xMei on Youtube

Above all, we're sooo looking forward to F4's reunion concert sometime this year!!!!

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F4 Forever!


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  1. ate Kaye! your the best talaga i was looking for videos of this everywhere lol! fan girling nanaman ako :P

  2. hi dearest aiMee! hihihi. thank you my dear! :-) :-)

  3. it's touching to see that they have loyal followers like me. If only I know how to read and understand Chinese, it would be so nice to have an English site to get the updates. they are still active and have several projects.

    by the way, view the you tube video by xiaokhat, it has English subtitle. The more that you will be touched when you know what they have said in the interview.
    keep supporting!

  4. @Cris M.: thanks Cris! it's always great to hear from avid fans like you. will check that out. thanks for the tip...:)

  5. actually, that video which you didn't understand a single thing, Jerry apologized to Ken. How humble Jerry is! That's why I love him so much.

    I'm so happy today since midnight when I first learned about this. I may be an ELF now, but F4 is my first love and they hold a very special part in my heart even SJ can't take away. I love F4.

  6. @Fairylee17: It's great to connect with another F4're right! i read about that incident even before the writing of this article. i'm sorry for the video sans the translation. i read the transcript but didn't have time to put it in here...F4 Forever, right?

  7. Vic Zhou PhilippinesSeptember 18, 2013 at 10:26 AM


    We are the Pinoy avid fans of Vic Zhou and we just made an online Petition to bring F4 back in the Philippines.

    Please support!

    Here's the full text of the Petition:

    JVKV (F4 Taiwan)

    JVKV, formerly known as F4, is a Taiwanese boy band consisting of Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, and Vic Chou. The group formed in 2001 after the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden that they starred in was widely successful. It became an instant hit all over Asia especially in the Philippines. It was aired on Philippine television on 2003 by ABSCBN Channel 2 which started the Asianovela craze in the country with ratings hit over 50%. It took the Philippines by storm, F4 and Meteor Garden received an "outrageous popularity" in the country.

    F4 in the Philippine Concert Scene

    The group had their very first concert in Manila as a group on December 26, 2003 in Phil. Sports Arena, Pasig City which was supposed to be held at The Fort Bonifacio Open Field. It was dubbed as F4 Live! Happy New Year 2004. Vanness Wu and Ken Chu (together with ASOS) performed at "The Event" show held at the ULTRA Football Stadium in September 13, 2003.

    Jerry Yan and Vic Chou was part of ABS-CBN's 50th Anniversary Show held at The Fort Bonifacio Open Field, Taguig City in November 29, 2003.

    F4 Reunion Concert 2013

    Eleven years since they shot to stardom, F4 finally reunites last January 30, 2013 in Beijing for the recording of the Jiangsu TV Spring Festival 2013 which was aired on February 10, 2013. It was their first performance together in four years. During the show, they hinted that they were going to have a concert tour in China.

    Come Back Petition

    Many are saying that F4 fever in the Philippines is dead. And we, as loyal Meteor Garden and F4 fans, cannot let those detractors win. We are eager to see the Taiwanese boy band back on stage together. We want to relive the F4 fever in the country. So we made this petition which aims to gather about 1,500 or more signatures to prove that F4 still have the heart of the Filipinos and to encourage local promoters and producers to consider bringing F4 back in a reunion concert in Manila.

    Sign our Petition here -- F4 JVKV Reunion Concert in Manila

    We hope this is the time we've been waiting for a decade already!


    Vic Zhou Philippines

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