Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bonding Time @ Sambo Kojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill

Eat-All-You-Can Buffets continue to be a glowing part of the Philippines' rich and diverse food culture. Just imagine a place with an overflow of good food while surrounded by some of your most favorite people in the planet? Yes, it's a non-stop par-tee as far as I'm concerned. Well, that's precisely what happened when U treated the whole family to Sambo Kojin- a popular buffet resto here in the metro.

Just like its older siblings, Saisaki, DADS and Kamayan, Sambo Kojin emitted that same posh-like, homey vibe that I found appealing.

Sambo Kojin

The only difference, a good one at that, was the presence of a smokeless grill on the long table.

Sambo Kojin

Tutapel enjoying his fair share @ Sambo Kojin

What To Grill:

The bustling buffet table located a few meters from where we were seated, featured a plethora of thinly sliced beef in various marinades, veggies rolled in fresh bacon, fresh fish steaks, prawns, crab sticks and even button mushrooms.

Sambo Kojin's fresh premium beef and veggies rolled in fresh bacon

Sambo Kojin's assortment of fresh fish, crab sticks, and button mushrooms

I know that grilling is fun; but, eating those yummy selections right off the grill was even better. :) And the fact that these protein pushers were mostly South beach diet- friendly, I had the license to indulge without experiencing much guilt! :)  At least, that's what I kept telling myself. :) It was a good thing that a mini-condiments section was available on the table, including that of Sambo Kojin's trademark sauce which definitely added some zest on the grilled meats.  

Sambo Kojin Prawns, Premium Beef and Fish

Other Buffet Selections:

Sambo Kojin's Ebi Tempura and Tteokbokki.

I love tempura of all kinds and Sambo Kojin's ebi tempura beautifully matched my expectations. What I did find astonishing was their Filipino-style Tteokbokki (Rice Cake). I say Filipinized because it was sweet all through out with just a bit of spiciness, nothing like the ones I've tried at Flammable Tteokbokki and at Sam Sam Korean Cuisine @ Food Republic, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Sambo Kojin's version was much richer and definitely a lot tastier, perhaps because of the addition of beef, veggies and sesame seeds.

Sambo Kojin's Ebi Tempura and Tteokbokki

Sambo Kojin Sashimi.

When I saw them, I can't help but really appreciate how beautiful they looked considering they were raw and all. :)  At that same time, a scene from my favorite Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers popped into my mind. Remember the time when Jun pyo treated Jandi out to eat sashimi at a Japanese resto? Although she was berated by the three evil girls, Jandi experienced being rescued by his dashing Prince Charming in the end. If that was not enough, Jun pyo even sent out a Japanese chef to Jandi's home, just so he could slice the big fish right in front of her parents, and enjoy sashimi like they did during their date. Sadly though, all I can do is reminisce because I'm not really fond of anything raw. :)

Sambo Kojin Sashimi

Sambo Kojin's Maki with a dollop of Kani Salad.

Aside from tempura, my other love is maki and I was more than ecstatic to indulge in an array of different maki from the buffet table. Each variant was delish in a unique way and brimming with all kinds of fresh ingredients. The Kani Salad too was something to rave about, most especially because it was drizzled with luscious, ultra-tempting roe.

An Assortment of Sambo Kojin's Maki with a dollop of Kani Salad

Sambo Kojin Maki with Roe on the side

Sambo Kojin's Teba Chili & Japchae. 

I truly enjoyed everything on this plate because each dish suited my taste to perfection. The Teba Chili (Japanese Chicken Wing) was sweet and spicy while the Japchae (Korean Stir-fried Noodles) was chewy and flavorful. 

Sambo Kojin's Korean Plate (L-R): Teba Chili; Tteokbokki; Galbi jjim; Japchae

Sambo Kojin's Galbi jjim.

But what I loved the most was Sambo Kojin's Galbi jjim (Korean Beef Stew). Tender, melt-in-your mouth meat that fell right off the bones, this Korean dish resounded in a symphony of sweet 'n' spicy flavors that made me come back for a third helping. :)

Sambo Kojin's Galbi jjim

Sambokojin Kamameshi Rice.

Served steaming hot right on the table, the kind staff poured just enough rice on each of our bowls. Their Kamameshi rice tasted a lot like Teriyaki Boy's Yakimeshi Rice-flavorful, salty with a hint of sweetness which I was very much fond of.

Sambo Kojin's Kamameshi Rice

Sambo Kojin's Kamameshi Rice

Beef Wrapped in Lettuce Korean-style.

Perhaps you've witnessed this particular scene countless times in Korean Dramas. The woman puts some grilled meat inside a piece of  lettuce, wraps 'n' seals it before feeding it to her man. How romantic, eh? At Sambo Kojin though, a male server did this beautiful gesture right in front of us. Talk about customer service! :)

Step 1: Insert the filling.

Step 2: Wrap and Seal.

Step 3: Ready to serve. 

Moi & Tutapel @ Sambo Kojin West Avenue


As Sarah Michelle Gellar said in my favorite movie, Simply Irresistible, "Dessert is the main point of any meal." And I can't help but agree. I kept on snapping photos of the different desserts we got that day, because they all looked divine! But amazingly, I fell in love with their chocolate ice cream simply because of their sprinkle-all-you-can choco chips! 

A sweet ending to an almost perfect family bonding time. Thanks again U! :) :) :)

Sambo Kojin Dessert Plate # 1

Sambo Kojin Dessert Plate # 2

Sambo Kojin Choco Ice Cream 

Sambo Kojin

EDSA Greenhills Mandaluyong City
Tel. 726-4466 or 726-4520

Eastwood Citywalk QC
Tel. 421-0145 to 46

West Avenue Quezon City
Tel. 372-8846 or 921-2873

SM Southmall Food Street
Tel. 511-7843 or 511-7853


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  1. I am now srsly craving for Japanese and Korean food! Waaaah! Maki! Beef in lettuce! Sorry, I really get very enthusiastic over food. :P

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