Thursday, February 28, 2013

A One-Of-A- Kind Buffet-Style Dinner @ Alba Restaurante Español

Just the idea of an All-You-Can-Eat Spanish Buffet was enough to tickle my imagination. And the fact that the resto has received several rave reviews from certified food experts made me look forward to dining at Alba Restaurante Español even more.

A week before our Sambo Kojin get-together, U & M  hosted another sumptuous dinner for the whole family. If Sambo Kojin emitted a spacious and casual vibe, Alba Restaurante Español radiated a more intimate and elegant ambiance. Our advance booking did give us the advantage of being seated right at the center of the room and just a few meters away from the buffet table. But since the resto was pretty small, all tables were just a few meters from the buffet spread.:) Although the choices were not as diverse as Sambo Kojin's, each dish really stood out on its own.

The Luistros @ Alba Restaurante Español

The presence of three minstrels armed each with his choice of musical instruments added a romantic note to our dining experience. What's worth mentioning is the fact that the trio did showcase a wide range of repertoire consisting of Spanish and Filipino songs- much to our sheer delight. :)

Tutapel, my nephew RJ and moi @ Alba Restaurante Español

Dedicated musicians @ Alba Restaurante Español

Tutapel with the Three Minstrels @ Alba Restaurante Español

After serenading us with a couple of Spanish tunes, I requested a Noel Cabangon song right away which was followed by another interesting VST & Company tune. Here's a snippet of their performance.

Courtesy of Timeless Confection Youtube Channel


There was a pitcher of sparkling Sangria placed on our table, but I never got to try it. Can you believe that I've never had a drop of alcohol ever since I can remember? I know, it's unbelievable, right? When normally asked about it, I always answer in zest, "It's a Nazirite thing." :) :) :)

Alba Restaurante Español
A Pitcher of Sangria

PLATE # 1:

Since we were being treated out, I was on my best behavior that night which translated to minimal photos as much as possible. I didn't want to embarass anyone or make any of my family member uncomfortable, just like what happened at the Changi Airport where I was berated by an airport official with a torrent of racial comments- just for taking pics. But that's another blog post.:)

To say that Alba's food is delish is definitely an understatement. I think I need to come up with several adjectives more to give each dish justice. Lemme try. :) I loved Alba's savory and ultra-crisp Lechon de Leche while its Pollo Cordon Bleu was unexpectedly tasty and unique. I fell in love with their Callos a la Madrileña at first bite! And if I were a stalker, Alba's Lengua Sevillana definitely became my object of affection that night for it was present in almost all of my dinner plates! :) 

Alba Restaurante Español
(L-R) Lechon de Leche; Pollo Cordon Bleu; Callos a la Madrileña; Lengua Sevillana

PLATE # 2:

Once again, everything on this plate was well-thought of, bursting with a symphony of flavors, textures and  dimensions. But what made my heart beat skipped a lot faster was Alba's Espaguetis Bolognesa (Spaghetti Bolognese)! The sweet and spicy sauce packed with ground meat and chopped veggies complemented my Pinoy tastebuds to a tee. In fact, my toddler who's actually a picky eater, loved it so that he requested it every time we went to the buffet spread! :)  

Alba Restaurante Español
(L-R) Pollo Al Ajillo; Pescado en Salsa Verde; Espaguetis Bolognesa; Paella Valenciana

PLATE # 3:

This was another winning plate if you ask me which proved to be even better than my first two plates, if you can believe it. :) The Pizza-like canapes on the left were so flavorful just like the Paella Verde beside it. I was delightfully taken with this type of paella, more so than its sibling, the Paella Valenciana, on my 2nd plate. I guess, for some reason, the Paella Verde had a lot more depth when it came to taste, aroma and flavors than its kin. I also loved the chewy nature of the Chorizo de Alba and the addition of french bread slices made the dish a lot more interesting.

Alba Restaurante Español
(L-R) Pizza-like Canapes ; Paella Verde; Tuhod y Batoc; Chorizos de Alba w/ Alba French Bread; Lengua Sevillana


Alba featured a plethora of sweet things on its Dessert Spread that night; but, unfortunately, I only got to taste these four selections. Although the other three were relatively tasty, what I loved the most was Alba's Canonigo, a baked meringue topped with custard sauce. It's strong semblance to Brazo de Mercedes was a good enough reason for me to indulge in it sans the guilt. It was really sooo good! :)

Alba Restaurante Español
(L-R) Lemon Square; Mango Tart; Flan al Caramelo; Canonigo

Thanks again U & M for treating us out! You rock!

The Luistros @ Alba Restaurante Español

Alba Restaurante Español Tomas Morato Branch

Alba Restaurante Español
Alba Restaurante Español
38 Polaris St. Bel-Air Makati City
896 6950 to 51, 890 4372

Alba Restaurante Español
Tomas Morato corner Scout Lozano, Quezon City
925 1912, 928 7129, 411 7052

Alba Restaurante Español
Westgate Center, Commerce Ave., Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
771.2178 to 79


Bonding Time @ Sambo Kojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill


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  1. thanks so much my bebe kaye for this post. ricky and i have been their twice and we always have a good time. yes, favorite namin ang food dun. and just like you, we think they have great entertainment too :-) continue to enjoy precious moments with your family. big boy na si Tutapel ... hugs !!!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words. We are glad you and your loved ones enjoyed your experience at Alba. Your comments and positive feedback continue to inspire us in our work. Muchas gracias!

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words. We are glad you and your loved ones enjoyed your experience at Alba. Your comments and positive feedback continue to inspire us in our work. Muchas gracias! - See more at:

  4. we enjoy dining at Alba (the one near Makati Ave.) too as the wait staff are quite attentive. agree that the food is flavorful. so if you ate at the Tomas Morato branch, it would mean that they're also consistent.