Friday, January 11, 2013

Why I Love My Chantal Gonzales-Like Earrings From FOREVER 21!

Chantal Gonzales, the beguiling lead character of the hit Korean remake, Temptation of Wife, now being aired on GMA 7, continues to entice more and more viewers not only to follow her mesmerizing life story but also her fabulous sense of style. :-)

For many viewers, she looks every bit of perfection from head to toe, just like a gorgeous model who has walked out of a fashion magazine. From her hair color to her make-up and ensembleChantal is truly your perfect cover girl!

Lately though, I've been particularly impressed by her stylist's choice in accessories. Chantal's earrings are always quite huge and sparkly, and that's exactly the reason why I love them!

Chantal Gonzales's lovely earrings in the hit Korean remake, Temptation of Wife

In one particular episode, I was struck by how beautiful Chantal's earrings actually were. Up close, I can't help but realize their uncanny resemblance from the ones I bought from Forever 21. I'm referring to my purple earrings, 1st row on the left. :-)

My Fave Accessories From Forever 21:
Forever 21 Bracelet: Php 308
Forever 21 Sparkly Earrings (First Row): Php 385 each

And three nights ago, Chantal wore a pair of beautiful emerald earrings which I saw at Forever 21 too! I can't really forget those earrings because I consider them my emerald earrings' siblings. :-)

Doesn't Chantal look absolutely stunning in those earrings?

Anyway, allow me to share with you some of the photos that my nephew Kristiany took while I donned my favorite Chantal Gonzales-like accessories from Forever 21. :-)

Moi wearing my favorite pair of Forever 21 Graduated Circle Drop Earrings

Wearing my fave faux emerald green drop earrings :-)

Oh, yeah! I love Forever 21 bracelets too!
Good thing I got this gorgeous bracelet for half the price! :-)

Thanks so much Kristiany for the photos! :-)


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  1. I just started watching TOW because I've been hearing a lot of good things about it. :)

    You're looking great in those Chantal G-ish earrings. Happy New Year, btw. :)

  2. I love that K-Drama too! Even if I wasn't able to watch the complete drama, I love the characters, even Heidi Shin! :D

    As for the Philippine remake, the show is so amusing! I love Marian's lines and style! I get to see a few parts of it when I go down my bedroom during my "dinner time". ^__^

  3. @pretty ugly: awww. you're so sweet! thank you! :)

    @AngelAmhiere: delighted to hear from a fellow TOW fan! :)