Monday, January 21, 2013

Really? Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh Mouthwash for Just Php 12???

I'm not kidding!

At Landmark Supermarket Trinoma Branch yesterday, I saw a huge pile of Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh in 60 ml bottles being sold for just Php 12 each!

I thought that it was just a hoax or merely my eyes playing tricks on me. But the whole thing turned out to be legit! Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh seems to be so new that it hasn't even been included in the Colgate-Palmolive Website yet. :)

What normally would cost us Php70 thereabouts is apparently made available to the public for practically a steal! I don't think anything can be better than that.

Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh: 
Contains natural fruit extract with the aromatic taste of fruit and mint, 
has a fresh and pleasant feeling in the mouth without a burning sensation.

Well, the fact that it doesn't sting your mouth as much as some Listerine products maybe a piece of good news for some. However, Colgate Plax is a notch stronger than that particular oral rinse-which I've  forgotten the name- that absolutely tastes like water.:) As far as its potential rivalry with Betadine Gargle, I think that both oral rinses may share a similar degree of burning sensation, with Colgate Plax boasting of its fruity fresh flavor more without Betadine's antiseptic taste.

Interested? Grab the newest Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh (60 ml) for just Php 12 at leading supermarkets nationwide.

Colgate Mouthwash


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