Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kiddie Fashion: How To Spruce Up A Pair of Twill Capris

Looks like capris are making a huge comeback this season not only for adults but for kiddies as well. That's a refreshing piece of fashion news for me as I want to give Tutapel a chance to get him out of his usual pair of jeans into something more interesting. :)

It was my chance to play stylista mom to my four-year old during a rare "make-believe photo shoot" with my nephew Kristiany. Although I'm not really an authority when it comes to kiddie fashion, here are just some of the looks that I was able to put together guided by some of the ideas that just popped into my head along the way. :)

1.  To add a level of sophistication, pair capris with vibrant or striped shirts. To make the look more fun however, grab some high-tops and colorful socks as well. :)

Twill Capri Pants: H&M
Tennis Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
High Tops & Socks: Baby GAP
Thank you U&M!

Shirt: H&M
Thank you U&M!

2.  If you want a more wintry look even though we live in the tropics, opt for long-sleeved shirts or even 2-in-1 slubs just like the one featured below. 

2-in-1 Arch Logo T-shirt: Baby GAP
Cap & Gloves: Old Navy
Thank you U&M!

3.  To make the look more age appropriate, partner capris with graphic shirts that scream "interesting" from afar! 

T-Shirt: H&M
Thank you U&M!

T-Shirt: Hong Kong Disneyland Souvenir Shop

T-Shirt: Universal Studios Singapore Souvenir Shop
Cute Headgear: Old Navy  

4. Wanna take it to the next level? Add statement pieces like vibrant and cute caps to complete the outfit. 

Cap: Hong Kong Disneyland Souvenir Shop

Cap: Baby Gap
Thank you U&M!


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