Saturday, January 5, 2013

Can Syoss Shine & Hold Wax Really Make Your Hair Look Silkier and Straighter? ♪♪♪

Although I'm not particularly impressed with what Syoss Conditioner has achieved in my naturally "buhaghag" and unrebonded hair, that beauty impediment did not stop me from buying Syoss Shine & Hold Wax during our grocery shopping two weeks ago.

For me, the operative statement in the whole Syoss Product Line is that it is:"Developed and tested by top Japanese professional hairdresser and stylists."

I've always believed in the Japanese creed of producing high-quality items that we all can rely on. And that's primarily the reason why I gave Syoss, another chance to impress me.

To tell you the truth, I've never been keen on any hair product that will make my hair feel harder as it already is. Blame it on the thousand sprays of Aquanet I've used in high school! I know, spray net and wax are two different things; but  both hair products are bounded by the same principle: to keep hair in place as much as possible. 

Surprisingly though, the Syoss formulation feels just like my favorite conditioner which somehow tricked me into using more than my hair could handle. 

Package instructions were clear: "Rub a small amount of wax on your palm and create your hair style."

My unbridled enthusiasm however gave my hair an unpleasant oily look which was far from what I had in mind. 

Syoss Shine & Hold Wax

After washing and drying my hair with the simple aid of my rickety old fan, I then put on a tiny amount of wax on my hair. It somehow sealed it and kept the hair in place, made it a little straighter but not that much, not until I used my reliable hair straightener. With the application of heat, the wax became more effective, if you ask me, as it began to tame those annoying hair strands.

Yes, Syoss Shine & Hold Wax has the capacity to make hair look a little silkier and straighter; but, you need heat to make the product a lot more effective, that is, if you and I share the same hair personality.

Moi Using Syoss Shine & Hold Wax

Syoss Shine & Hold Wax is available at leading department stores and supermarkets for around Php 150.

Syoss Shine & Hold Wax Deliver
♪♪♪ Good. It's definitely worth a try.


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