Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why My Four Year Old Likes Petron Porsche Toy Cars Better Than Shell Ferrari Lego Cars

Of course it's a matter of preference; but, for some reason,  my four year-old prefers his Petron Porsche Car over his Shell Ferrari Toy Cars. He can't get over the Porsche Toy Car's much larger size and cool revving sounds. :)

Tutapel and his new Petron Porsche Toy Car 

He loves the fact that when he presses the car roof, it gives off a revving sound with lights to boot! And when he opens the doors, there's either an alarm or a horn sound partnered with his favorite lights. To top it all off, when he pulls the car back, it flies off like a race car! "Lightning Mcqueen, here I come,"- the car seemed to say. :)

Petron Porsche Car Model GT3RSR

Get your toddler a miniature Porsche this Christmas for just Php 180 for every Php 1,000 worth of fuel purchase at any Petron service station nationwide. Choose from five existing models: A silver Porsche Cayenne, a red Porsche Cayman S, a black Porsche Carrera S, a blue Porsche Panamera and a white Porsche GT3 RSR as shown above.

Petron Porsche Car Model GT3RSR

Petron Porsche Car Model Carrera S

Petron's "Passion for Porsche" Promo is valid for cash and credit card transactions, and is on-going until January 31, 2013.



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