Sunday, December 23, 2012

MOA Eye: A Must-Go or A Must-Ditch?

For me, MOA-Eye is more than just a ferris wheel but rather a wonderful landmark that can rival the mighty Singapore Flyer and the ultra-chic Taipei Eye. Well, at least that's what I've been trying to tell myself for sometime now.

MOA- Eye

Let's forget the fact that our very own MOA-Eye is just a replica of these two mighty contraptions. Rephrasing lines from my favorite movie The Lake House, "You know as well as I do that the light in Singapore is quite different with the light in Taiwan, and the light in Taiwan is different with that in Manila." 

MOA- Eye
And if only for this reason, everyone should go to the MOA-Eye just to behold that wonderful light! So, it's definitely a MUST-GO!

MOA-Eye might not have the elegance and ingenuity of the Singapore Flyer nor the Taipei Eye, but what it has is that beautiful, glorious light set across Manila Bay! What's even better is beholding sunsets from inside one of the gondolas... 

Continuing with a quote from The Lake House, "A truly great structure, one that is meant to stand the test of time never disregards its environment. A serious architect takes that into account. He knows that if he wants presence, he must consult with nature. He must be captivated by the light. Always the light."

At least, the brains behind the MOA-Eye knew exactly what he was doing in terms of where to put this particular contraption.

The marvelous light across MOA- Eye

I followed my own advice and dragged my boys to the MOA Eye a half hour or so Before Sunset (woooah, my favorite movie again!) :)

MOA- Eye

Almost Sunset @ MOA- Eye: Truly sensational!

We chatted our way through the ride, well at least, while I wasn't busy snapping photos.:)  But that's what any respectable blogger would have done given the situation...:):):)

Inside the MOA- Eye

Inside the MOA- Eye

But of course, a snapshot with Tutapel made the experience even better. :)

With Tutapel inside the MOA- Eye
Thanks Dada Bala for the pic! :)

Souvenir Shop at MOA-Eye
That is, if you want your faces seen on a plate, a mug or a large-sized photo...

MOA- Eye

MOA- Eye Rates
Regular Gondola:
Php 150/head
VIP Gondola:
(Free Binoculars & Photo)
Php 250/head
Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 2 PM -12 MN
Friday: 2 PM - 1 AM
Saturday: 10 AM - 1 AM
Sunday: 10 AM - 12 MN

SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Phone: 862-77-04


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  1. Wow! This sounds like a must see the next time I'm in manila. Thanks for posting this review, Kaye!