Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Dearest Yuki!

What I love about attending birthday celebrations is the fact that you're being ushered into someone's inner circle which I regard as an extremely heartwarming experience.

Mars Cel with Baby Yuki

Last Saturday, I realized this truth once again when we went to Yuki's 1st birthday at Don Henrico's along West Avenue. Yuki of course is the daughter of my good friend Mars Cel, my partner in anything Korean.

It was a spectacle to behold starting with the elaborate party decors...

The Grand Staircase!

Ceiling Accents in Lovely Pastel Hues!

Bubbles everywhere!

Yuki's Life-Sized Image

...to the Ice Cream Corner that brought forth happy memories of my childhood.

Can't Get Enough of ASHANTI's Ice Cream!

There was also a cool Face Painting Corner that further boosted the artsy element of the party.   

My niece Kathlynish and son Tutapel waiting for their turn...

Kathlynish finally got her wish to have her "hand painting!"

Gorgeous, right?

Another painting this time on her arm.

Don Henrico's staple dishes made Yuki's birthday truly unforgettable.

Onion Rings, Pasta & Chicken all prepared the Don Henrico's way!

Tutapel clearly enjoying the food

Unbeatable Tandem for Kids: Don Henrico's Pasta & Spaghetti

Mom & Son Moments during the Party

My dinner plate

Kathlynish's plate filled with mouthwateringly good food

An array of games, magic tricks and performances entertained the guests for two hours. There wasn't a dull moment in between, believe me.

Great tricks amid a great-looking backdrop

Alas! It's time to blow the cake.

Yuki with her lovely family

A gorgeously cute cake fit for Yuki-The Fairy Princess!

Time for some prize giveaways!

Tutapel snatched my lootbag!

Delightfully sweet party bag!

Happy 1st Birthday Yuki! Smiley

Wishing that you'll grow as kind and as generous as your whole family and in time will get to experience life exactly as God has already planned it to be.



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