Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gorgeousness Personified: Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho at the Benchsetter Fun Meet @ Smart Araneta Coliseum! (With HD Videos)

Despite the fact that my friends Mars Cel, Charm and I didn't arrive as early as the other Lee Min Ho fans, we were still blessed enough to be stationed just a few meters away from the stage! Smiley

Our day though didn't start that well, for when Charm and I arrived at Smart Araneta at around 2:30 PM, the maze-like queue was both unbelievably tricky and loooong! The fans however were a picture of tamed enthusiasm with sparks of open friendliness flying across that cordoned space.

That warm feeling was replaced however with confused irritation when we arrived at the ticket booth. We were told that the remaining PATRON Ticket Holders in line no longer had any available seats and were relegated to SRO!

In fairness to the organizers, we were given the option to exchange our Patron tickets for Upper Box Ones Plus a sure Meet & Greet Pass on Sunday. 

We opted for SRO and decided to just go with the flow and enjoy the moment and the moments in between the Benchsetter Fun Meet.  

That resolve led us to load up on some Pizza Hut treats to prepare us for the "three hour battle" ahead. Smiling Smiley Face After enjoying our early dinner, my friends and I proceeded to the line measuring two blocks long!

Can you feel my heartbeat? :)

We queued up around the time when fans with tickets in hand were being ushered inside the coliseum.  Although the line was incredibly looong, to our absolute delight, it only took us around 10 to 15 minutes before we finally reached the entrance.

I can almost feel everyone's relief when we were finally allowed to enter the Coliseum. Lee Min Ho Standees filled the entrance hall which teased fans to have their own photo-ops with their idol.

I, for one, was impressed with the imposing stage design in flaming red which looked like a backdrop of a largely expensive concert!

It's definitely an understatement when I say that the  9,679-seat coliseum was bursting at the seams!


After almost an hour of waiting, Lee Min Ho's gorgeous pictures were simultaneously flashed on the gigantic screens which further electrified the already pumped up crowd- causing everyone, including myself to shout LEE MIN HO at the top of our lungs!

Can anyone be this gorgeous? 

Here's the video equivalent of these glossy photos. Please hit the HD button for greater enjoyment. 

You can just imagine the shrieks and screams from the exuberant crowd when this particular scene from the hit Korean Drama City Hunter hit the humongous screens.

Funny TV personality Hans entertained the crowd during the first part of the show and even initiated the count down that brought the house to near pandemonium. Oh yes! I'm not joking at all.

Imagine our disappointment when Lee Min Ho was nowhere in sight but instead a girl group went on center stage. But it only took a few minutes before the crowd warmed up to the three groups lip synching and dancing to K-Pop hits from the Wonder Girls, Super Junior, 2NE1 and Psy. 

After around 15 minutes of K-Pop merriment, the temperature changed and went a notch hotter when the Korean Superstar's behind-the-scenes shoots for Bench started playing.

Some pyrotechnics paved the way for the most anticipated part of the show...

 Benchsetter Fun Meet with Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho at Smart Araneta

And finally, Lee Min Ho entered the stage with effortless charm and grace amid euphoric pandemonium translated to vivid shrills and shouts, non-stop camera flashes and recordings!

How can anyone not fall for this gorgeously handsome artist who looked like he just walked out of an extremely exquisite painting?

Here are Lee Min Ho's screen shots during the Fun Meet that exemplified his boyish charm, playfulness and good heart to the fore.

Aside from his dashingly good looks, what endeared him more to the crowd was that he was so down-to-earth and was game in answering fan questions in between giggles and laughs.

 Benchsetter Fun Meet with Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho at Smart Araneta

Here's a sample clip from the interview. Please hit the HD button for greater enjoyment. 

He talked candidly with the host and even graciously posed with several Bench contestants. What more can you ask for from a Korean Superstar? Absolutely nothing! You definitely can't ask for more.

 Benchsetter Fun Meet with Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho at Smart Araneta

Lee Min Ho even demonstrated his good heart in this uber sweet clip. Please hit the HD button to fully enjoy the video. 

Courtesy of Timeless Confection YouTube Channel

Another fun segment was the acting portion wherein lady contestants tried to emulate Kim Nana's heartfelt scene with Lee Min Ho in City Hunter. There were some touching interpretations and also some hilariously sweet ones as well. 

 Benchsetter Fun Meet with Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho at Smart Araneta

What was great was that the contestants weren't really keen on bagging the prize for the biggest prize for them was a simple handshake, a quick hug or even a photo op with Lee Min Ho. 

In this video, you'll see that their greatest wish just came true. Please hit the HD button for better enjoyment. 

Earlier in the show, 10 fortunate fans were drawn for the Meet & Greet with Lee Min Ho. They were called onstage for a one-of-a-kind Spin-a Prize inspired encounter with our Korean Superstar.

 Benchsetter Fun Meet with Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho at Smart Araneta

Depending on what the "magical" wheel brought forth, Lee Min Ho thrilled the greeters beyond compare when he gave them a quick hug and his life-sized poster.

He even locked eyes with them in zest as part of the game.

Some "kilig-to-the bones" photo-ops, you might ask? Oh yes, he gave those too.

Before the show wrapped up, Lee Min Ho said "MAHAL KO KAYO" to his Filipino fans! When I heard that, I told myself, "that pretty much sealed the deal  for all of us!"

Alas! The special effect smoke and confetti signalled that our time with him was about to end.   

Before Lee Min Ho finally exited the stage,  he left a sweet photo-op with all of us, fans:

 Thank you Lee Min Ho for enriching our lives with your gracious presence! 
Til we meet again!

Remember: Two more Benchsetter Fun Meets a.k.a. Meet & Greet with Lee Min Ho will happen tomorrow, November 18, 1 PM at SM North Edsa and 6 PM at SM Mall of Asia. Please refer to the posts below:

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  1. kaye you are the greatest.... thanks for sharing.... though I am not there....reading, watching and looking all your post about the event last night make me feel I was there too!!!!! keep up....

  2. @judith:'re so sweet! :) the pleasure is all mine.

  3. wow, so you had a meet and greet pass for nov 18 because no more patron seats? that's a nice deal! how many people got the meet and greet because of lack of patron seats?

  4. im a little and greet stub same with autograph stub? it was said that meet and greet winners can have a pic with lmh.. how about autograph stub winners?

  5. what is SRO? did u have to buy the meet and greet and upperbox ticket? or they gave it to you in exchange for the patron ticket?

  6. i was thinking talaga na ppunta ka hehee i was right <3 he's so humble and gentle :)

  7. @aimee: hihihi. you know me so well...;)

    @EMZ: SRO- standing room only. they offered to exchange our patron tickets for upperbox plus the LMH greet either sa North edsa or MOA. we decided for the SRO instead. buti na lang! kasi LMH was just 5 feet away from us!

    i'm not really sure about their regulations about the two Meet & Greet Sessions. The one in Araneta wasn't really a meet and greet. only 10 names were drawn for the mini meet and greet portion. :)

  8. yes i agree..but u were offered upperbox also right? so if u took it plus the meet and greet, it's a better deal right? i was wondering why you didnt want the meet and greet and upperbox...hmm maybe the meet and greet is too short and in the sro, you saw him close up for 2 hours? is that it? hehe =)

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