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Hello Kitty Christmas at the North & 8 Other Picture Perfect Backdrops In the Metro!

I find it both amusing and adorable that we Filipinos find every chance there is to have our pictures taken just about anywhere, anytime of the day. Wouldn't it be great though if we can pose before an array of stunning backgrounds, absolutely free?

If you're cool with that, here are 9 Picture-Perfect Backdrops around the Metro to add a degree of elegance, awesomeness and fun in any of your photos.

Let' start.

1. Hello Kitty Christmas at The North!

If you're a huge Sanrio-phile, then you'll absolutely fall in love with Hello Kitty Christmas at the North happening at The Block Atrium until January 6, 2013. Pose with Hello Kitty characters garbed in adorable costumes stationed in front of their equally glitzy homes. The best thing is, you don't have to buy anything to gain access to this event, although you do have the option to bring home your favorite Hello Kitty products from the nearby stand-alone counter.

Hello Kitty Christmas at The North!

Hello Kitty everywhere....

Tutapel posing with a cute Hello Kitty standee
Hello Kitty Christmas at The North!

My niece Kathlynish and son Tutapel goofing around @
Hello Kitty Christmas at The North!

Hello Kitty in Gorgeous Black @
Hello Kitty Christmas at The North!

Cutie Cakes @
Hello Kitty Christmas at The North!

Hello Kitty Grandpa & Grandma @
Hello Kitty Christmas at The North!

Hello Kitty characters garbed in ethereal satin

Hello Kitty with a European feel @
Hello Kitty Christmas at The North!

2.  Sky Garden @ SM North Edsa

Even if you're just a simple passerby, you can choose to pose in front of these colorful trees and life-sized decors to your heart's content- without being whisked away by Manong Guard. Just make sure to let other visitors get their photo-ops too by learning how to wait patiently for your turn.

Sky Garden @ SM North Edsa

3. Trinoma Mall

In one of Trinoma's entrances, there stood a plethora of white lanterns and angel-inspired Christmas trees that look gorgeous during the day but ultra-ravishing at night. 

Trinoma's White Christmas Effect

Trinoma's White Christmas Effect

4. MOA Eye

For me, MOA Eye is more than just a ferris wheel but rather a wonderful landmark that can rival the mighty Singapore Flyer and the ultra-chic Taipei Eye. Experience this beautiful contraption at its best when you shoot from a distance to wonderfully capture the glorious sun set in 3D.   


5. Serendra Piazza

You and your family will love the eclectic waterfalls piece stationed a few meters away from the giant Christmas tree at Serendra Piazza. If you're going for something more mysterious though, try visiting this particular spot at night for more winning photos.

Serendra Piazza

Kids and toddlers will absolutely enjoy posing with these humongous balls which look like they've come out of a popular theme park or something.

Serendra Piazza

6. Market! Market!

If you have a fetish for water-inspired contraptions, then Market Market's electronically timed fountain will make your photo-ops ultra-refreshing. Be careful not to get wet though if you don't want your gadgets to get ruined by the spurting water.

Market! Market!

7. Bonifacio High Street

Step into Neverland  teeming with shops and restos set amid lush greenery and an infinity-inspired water fixture that invite photo-ops from a variety of lovely angles. 

Bonifacio High Street

Bonifacio High Street

8. Giant Christmas Tree at the Araneta Center

A touch of color here and there amid a thousand glittering lights make the Giant Christmas tree at the Araneta Center an indispensable part of our Christmas tradition. Just imagine how good your photo will look like with this tree in the background?

Giant Christmas Tree at the Araneta Center

9.  Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights & Sounds Show

This yearly light and sound show at the Ayala Triangle has become sort of a tradition for most families, garnering almost the same level of excitement that its prototype, the C.O.D. Displays, have brought forth 20 to 30 years ago. Make sure to adjust your camera settings to make your snapshots ultra-memorable.

Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights & Sounds Show

Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights & Sounds Show

Christmas Spectacular Spectrum at Ayala Triangle Gardens (2011)


Famous Mochi Sweets Luxury Deli at Tokyo Street, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is Now at SM Mall of Asia!

A number of Malaysian blogs were raving about Mochi Sweets and that was the primary reason why I made time to visit this Japanese Luxury Deli during our trip to Kuala Lumpur last year.

Located along the elegantly rustic Tokyo Street at Pavilion Kuala LumpurMochi Sweets blended perfectly with the other stalls whose main goal was to give mall visitors a sumptuous taste of  Japan's pervading food culture.

Mochi Sweets most certainly "imprinted on me" but there wasn't any possible way to go back and savor their tasty treats-well, not until recently.

Now, we have the opportunity to try out Mochi Sweets' delectable creations any time we want to via its SM Mall of Asia branch!

Just like its Malaysian sibling, Mochi Sweets Philippines also offers a panoply of heavenly treats presented in a variety of unique flavors:

Mochi Sweets Cream Chocolate (Php 70)
Mochi Sweets Black Sesame (Php 70)
Mochi Sweets Durian Mousse (Php 70)

Mochi Sweets Chestnut Cream (Php 70)
Mochi Sweets Purple Potato (Php 70)
Mochi Sweets Honey Lemon Cream (Php 70)

Mochi Sweets Peach Cream (Php 70)
Mochi Sweets Mango Mousse (Php 70)
Mochi Sweets Strawberry Cream (Php 70)

We tried out just two flavors the last time we went there: Durian Mousse and Caramel Macchiato.  

I fell in love with the Durian Mousse for its deep, wonderful blend of the durian's robust flavor and the cream's richly elegant texture. Though this particular variant had too many notes in it, for some reason, the recipe was able to hit all of them perfectly!  

Mochi Sweets Japanese Luxury Deli Durian Mousse

The Caramel Macchiato,on the other hand, was a little bit restrained than the Durian Mousse. Although I didn't hear any fireworks when I was eating it, I still found its grainy nature and sweetness quite interesting.

                               Mochi Sweets Japanese Luxury Deli Caramel Macchiato

I still think that although Mochi Sweets is quite pricey, it still makes for an excellent gift to friends and loved ones. Just look at that elegant packaging! And the good thing is, MS comes in a variety of quantities to suit our budget and purpose. 

For your convenience, here's Mochi Sweet's exact location at SM Mall of Asia:


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But my blogging has been pushed to the sidelines resulting to a backlog of at least 40 articles! To somehow solve this issue, I've decided to simply make a list of some of these stories so that I can really start writing them. 

Over the course of the next several months, I was able to finish 7 out of these 40 articles.Smiling Smiley Face 

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