Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boy Binatog's Newest Ube Flavor- Nay or Yay? ♪

Like a bee flitting from one flower to the next, I do the exact same thing whenever I'm surrounded by food stalls at the mall. Nothing beats digging into an assortment of snacks while window shopping. Cloud 9 Smiley

One particular stall that I always go to is Boy Binatog. My most recent visit acquainted me to their newest UBE Flavor which I ordered right away!

Boy Binatog's Newest Ube Flavor Php 30 - Php 40

Although I love the idea of putting together two well-loved Pinoy ingredients, I'm afraid the fusion didn't  work at all! Even with the addition of more salt or sugar, the taste remained indecipherable. Well, maybe if I added some milk, it would have tasted much better? But milk wasn't included in their original creation anyway.

Boy Binatog's Newest Ube Flavor
♪ I think I need to pass on this one.

Boy Binatog
SM City North Edsa (Main Bldg. fronting Papemelroti)
SM City San Lazaro Food court
SM City Sta. Mesa


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  1. wow! i love ube naman :) I haven't seen boy binatog.. hmm..

  2. hi u8mypinkcookies! i also love ube kaya napabili ako...i'll add yung mga branches in a while so that you can visit one of their stalls...

  3. even if other people will tell me that it tastes good, i wouldn't eat. not much of an ube fan! :D

    there is just this flavor of ube that i donk like! he he

  4. Jan Mitchelle PanuelaOctober 18, 2012 at 9:38 PM

    Looks so yummy! I love ube ^_^ I should try this. hihi ^_^

    Btw, I'm a new follower! :) You are awesome, keep it up! :) Looking forward for your new posts and hoping you'll check and follow my blog too ^_^

  5. i hear yah Bing! when it comes to ube, it's either you love it or absolutely hate it. :)