Good News To All Lee Min Ho Fans! 2 More BENCHSETTER FUN MEETS Scheduled on November 18, 2012 at SM North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia!

If you failed to get some of those patron invites you've been dreaming about, fret no more. On November 18, just two days after his Smart Araneta Fun Meet, Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho is scheduled to appear in two more BENCHSETTER Fun Meets at SM North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia!

Scheduled on November 18, 2012 at SM North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia!

Here's how to grab hold of your Meet and Greet Pass at the Benchsetter Fun Meet: Lee Min Ho Mall Tour on November 18, 2012 courtesy of the Bench Website. 

1.  Head over to Bench SM North EDSA and SM Mall of Asia and purchase at least P2,000.00 worth of any items between October 19 and November 16, 2012.

2.  You will be given 3 picks per receipt if you've purchased between P2000 and P2999 worth of items. A total purchase worth P4000 and P5999 will garner you two picks. For purchases worth P6000 or more, you will be entitled to 3 picks.

3. Once a customer picks an Entry Pass, he or she must register at the store counter and give his/her full details. Each meet & greet pass is valid only on the store where the customer won and entitles him or her to an autograph and a photo op with Lee Min Ho.

4. Entry to the Benchsetter Fun Meet Mall Tour is subject to verification to prevent fraud and fake winning meet & greet passes.

5. Suyen Corporation reserves the right to use the names and images of the winners for publicity and promotion purposes.

6. Winners can enter the event area by presenting the following requirements to the Suyen Corporation representative in the event area:

  • One (1) valid ID-should be government issued or student ID with photograph and signature.
  • In the event that the winner will not be able to retrieve the prize, an authorized representative should bring and present the following requirements:Authorization Letter from the winner; One (1) valid ID of the winner and One (1) valid ID of the authorized person (should be government issued or student ID with photograph and signature).


My Fave Hui Lau Shan Dessert Shop Is Featured in Anthony Bourdain's THE LAYOVER: HONG KONG

In The Layover, Anthony Bourdain's newest travel/food program on TLC, Tony touched down in  Hong Kong, which according to him is his favorite city for its ever thriving food culture.

With 29 hours left, Tony headed down to a popular dessert shop to help cool down amid the hot and "oppressive weather."

Anthony Bourdain's The Layover: Hong Kong

Destination: Hui Lau Shan along Tsim Sha Tsui in the Kowloon Area.

Hui Lau Shan as featured in Anthony Bourdain's The Layover: Hong Kong

Tony settled for a couple of mango drinks topped with rich coconut cream and fresh mangoes which were clearly some of the shop's bestsellers.

Hui Lau Shan's Famous Desserts

While describing the desserts, Tony was still able to inject his trademark but lovable sarcasm and witticism when he said that with some rum, the drinks would taste even better. Smiling Smiley Face

Anthony Bourdain's The Layover: Hong Kong

While watching the show last week, I can't help but tell Bala in a high-pitched voice, "Wow! I can't believe, we went there! Oh My Smiley

Find out all about our experience at Hui Lau Shan by simply clicking this or the photo below. Thank you!

By the way, catch Anthony Bourdain's The Layover every Tuesday night at 9 on TLC (Skycable Channel 62 and Global Destiny Cable Channel 53).


The Korean Hit Drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal a.k.a. Secret Love Airs on ABS-CBN Daily at 5 PM!

A Bronze Medalist for Best Mini Series at the 2012 New York Festivals, the hit Korean Drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal finds its way to the Philippines under a new title: Secret Love.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Bronze Medalist at the 2012 New York Festivals 

Dubbed in Tagalog, the series already shows signs of garnering success here in the Philippines as it already boasts of several ads since its premiere yesterday. This is of course expected, for in Korea, it reached an impressive 40% viewer rating since it first aired in August 2010.


Part of the drama's charm is its challenging mix of historical facts and fiction, literary elements, humor and of course, the brewing love triangle between the stern Lee Sun Joon (played by my fave Micky Yoo Chun), the elusive Moon Jae Shin (played  by Yoo Ah-In) and the woman disguised as a man, Kim Yoon Hee (played by Park in Young).

Here's the official theme entitled Found You performed by  my favorite JYJ during the 2010 KBS Drama Awards.


At the same time, feast on some gorgeous scenes from this highly-rated Korean drama.

Secret Love: Sungkyunkwan Scandal airs Monday to Friday at 5 PM on ABS-CBN Channel 2.


Puregold Launches An Early Halloween Gimmick For Its Loyal Customers

To be honest, Halloween is not really a big thing in our family; but, last Sunday, we realized that some people will indeed walk the extra mile donning gory costumes with accompanying props to boot just to provide some form of scarentainment to customers.

This was Puregold Mindanao's early Halloween gimmick which solicited screams and hearty laughs from adults; but, on the downside, turned normally bibbo kids to scaredy cats. In fact, my son Tutapel refused to open his eyes during the entire time that we were there.

Puregold Mindanao's early Halloween Gimmick

The funniest reactions came from customers who were busy with their shopping only to come across an audacious looking character ready to scare them off at the corner aisle.Oh My Smiley 

Puregold Mindanao's early Halloween Gimmick

From 12 to 6 PM last Sunday, October 28, these unlikely characters roamed the entire shopping area of Puregold Mindanao leaving no corner aisle left unturned, so to speak. 

Puregold Mindanao's early Halloween Gimmick

As a bonus, some of these characters even danced to the music of Charice's hit single, Pyramid, which earned them several snapshots and video recordings from both delighted and simply curious customers. 

I sure hope that Puregold will give these dedicated employees some sort of monetary renumeration for all their effort and hard work.Smiling Smiley Face


Scrumptious Selections From Dimsum Break The Annex, SM North Edsa ♪♪♪

On its opening day at The Annex, SM North Edsa several weeks ago, Dimsum Break was bursting at the seams! Although I was in the mood to engage in some dimsum war with the other diners, I simply couldn't because I failed to bring my camera... Oh yeah. I don't and can't eat out without it, ever!

The new Dimsum Break at Annex, SM North Edsa

We've visited Dimsum Break on two separate occasions ever since the initial madness, and I must say that on both instances, I had a blast just being on that fastfood lane. Who knew that ordering food can be so much fun!

First pit stop was the steamed dimsum corner where I needed to make hard and fast decisions Smiling Smiley Face on which dimsum to get from an array of 11 highly-favorable selections.

Steamed Dimsum Corner

With Tutapel tagging along and talking non-stop about his new white Tomica, it was extra hard to decide on which ones to pick. If not for the very, very nice female staff, I wouldn't have made it through.Smiling Smiley Face

Tutapel @ Dimsum Break SM North, The Annex

After thanking her for being so considerate, a rush of excitement overtook me as we moved on to the 2nd pit stop: Fried Dimsum. As you can see right here, there were around 12 appetizing variants to choose from and once again, I was at a loss for words, in the most literal sense, because I didn't know how to answer the super nice staff.

Dimsum Break's Savory Selections

 Fried Dimsum Corner at Dimsum Break  

Thank goodness, I survived the pop quiz Smiling Smiley Face and was able to move on to the Rice Section. I hurriedly chose Yang Chow Fried Rice, 2 glasses of Iced Tea sans any dessert.  

Rice Station at Dimsum Break

On The Table: 

Dimsum Break @ The Annex, SM North Edsa

Dimsum Break Empress Roll: 
With a nice, delicate taste.

Dimsum Break Quail's Egg Shaomai: 
Savory with a hint of saltiness and oozes with shrimpy goodness.

Dimsum Break Spring Rolls: 
Elegant, robust and deeply flavorful. Truly, a must try!

Dimsum Break Crab Pincer:
Flavorful with a creamy filling.

On our second visit: 

Dimsum Break Fried Shrimp Balls:
Has an interesting crunch and a soft center.

Dimsum Break Stuff Taro
Flaky shell with an uber creamy filling. 

Dimsum Break Sweet & Sour Pork: 
Delish, crunchy on the outside but quite soft on the inside. 

Dimsum Break Bacon Shaomai:
Quite sweet, savory but can be a little rubbery because of the bacon wrap. 
When dipped into the ginger sauce, this dish becomes more alive! 

Dimsum Break Yang Chow Fried Rice Pot
Soft, stir-fried rice oozing with shrimps, green peas, egg strips and ham. 
A true winner!

Dimsum Break Buko Pandan (Php 55):
Filled with uber soft coconut strips (of the malauhog kind).
Absolutely delish!

Dimsum Break Dips 'n' Sauces (L-R): Soymansi, Ginger (my absolute fave) & Chili

Dimsum Break Menu:

Dimsum Break Steamed Dimsum

Dimsum Break Fried Dimsum

Dimsum Break Desserts

Dimsum Break
♪♪♪ Good. It's definitely worth a try-
with a staff pool that's worth raving about! 

Dimsum Break
Phone: (032) 234 6786

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3rd Floor, The Annex

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