Friday, September 7, 2012

Trying Out Lucky Me Special: Curly Spaghetti Korean Style (BibimMyun) ♪♪

Lucky Me Special: Curly Spaghetti Korean Style (BibimMyun)

With the the third installment of Korean wave hitting the Philippines in megalomaniac proportions, companies such as Monde Nissin, maker of Lucky Me Instant Noodles has included in its roster of products two Korean-inspired noodles like Jjampong (Spicy Seafood ) and their most recent  concoction introduced during the first quarter of this year, Curly Spaghetti Korean Style (BibimMyun).

I bet Korean Culture Minister Choe Kwang-shik would be ecstatic with this piece of development as South Korea is dead set in spreading the third wave of Hallyu not just in Asia but also around the world.Smiling Smiley Face

Lucky Me Curly Spaghetti Korean Style (BibimMyun)

This newest addition consists of a packet of several dehydrated carrot and seaweed bits, the usual brick of curly noodles and a packet of that special BibimMyun sauce.  

Lucky Me Curly Spaghetti Korean Style (BibimMyun) 

After putting in the noodles, carrot and seaweed bits for a short boil followed by straining and then mixing in the special sauce, the end product came out spicy and salty which struck a strong semblance to its Jjampong sibling sans the broth. 

I don't know if the taste is somewhere close to its Korean counterpart in any way, but the fact that this particular product is not at all sweet, is I think, a cool enough effort to bring "Korean cuisine" within reach of every Juan.

Lucky Me Curly Spaghetti Korean Style (BibimMyun) 
♪♪ Good. It's worth a try.

Lucky Me by Monde Nissin


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  1. omoh i have to try this ill buy this sunday, i hope i can remember hehe <3

  2. Natikman ko na to. Sweet and Spicy.. Masarap nga :))