Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Enjoy "Bonchon-style" Chicken Thru McCormick's Newest Korean Fried Chicken Batter Mix! ♪♪♪

It's quite phenomenal on how Bonchon has captivated us Pinoys with its sweet, crispilicious Korean-style fried chicken. 

Wouldn't it be great though if we can replicate Bonchon's addictive recipe at home?

Thanks to McCormick's Korean Fried Chicken Recipe Mix, we now can!

McCormick's Newest Korean Fried Chicken Recipe Mix

It's not really surprising that McCormick, a global producer of spices and batter mixes recently came out with its own line of Korean Chicken concoctions, considering Korea's growing clout in the food industry.

This newest product line comes in four exotic flavors: Soy Garlic (sweet), Bulgogi (sweet 'n' salty), Kimchi (spicy)...

McCormick's Newest Korean Fried Chicken Recipe Mix (Spicy)

...and cry your heart out spicy!

The package comes with one batter mix and your sauce of choice.  

McCormick's Newest Korean Fried Chicken Batter Mix

Here's how to do your chicken Korean-style:
1 Dilute batter mix in 1/4 cup (60 ml) water. To make the breading more apparent like Bonchon's, you need to double-coat the chicken with extra batter mix sans any water. 

Remember: One packet is good for a half kilo of chicken only.
2  When you're satisfied with the batter consistency, deep fry your cutlets. To make your cutlets a notch crispier, resort to the art of double-frying.

McCormick's take in producing crispilicious Korean-style Fried Chicken!

3  Open Pack 2, pour the sauce directly, seal the container and then shake! 

So what's the verdict?

The chicken came out as crisp and as delish as Bonchon's which delighted us to the roof! We all loved the batter mixes, except for the spicy variant because it was way hot to our liking! The three flavors complemented the crispy chicken very well, most especially the soy garlic variant.

McCormick's Korean Fried Chicken Recipe Mix is sold for 41.50 per pack at all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

McCormick's Newest Korean Fried Chicken Batter Mix
♪♪♪ Fantastic! It's on my list of favorites.


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  1. I've yet to try this too :)

  2. randomly stumbled upon your blog. i tried out the spicy one and OMG IT'S TOOOOO SPIIICY!!!!! Parang umaapoy ang dila hanggang bituka ko

  3. i love how you described your experience....na-visualize ko talaga! hihihi

  4. Meron bang ganito sa States? Bumili ako nung umuwi ako sa Pinas, binalik ko dito sa States pero wala ako mahanap sa grocery store. Baka sa Korean o Asian market meron... pero alam nyo po kung available dito?