Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Boy Binatog: Traditional Pinoy Snack with a Twist ♪♪

Boy Binatog

Just when you think you've tried all the Pinoy snacks available at malls these days, comes another one that seems to pique your fancy enough for you to try it without hesitation.

Thanks to Boy Binatog, our beloved snack called binatog has been given a rather interesting makeover through a plethora of flavors meant to bring out the snack's innate charm.

Boy Binatog Varieties

Boy Binatog comes in 3 varieties:
Classic Binatog
(With Niyog and Salt/Sugar)
Large:     Php 30
Medium: Php 25

Binatog Twist
Sweet and Milky or Cheezy
Large:     Php 35
Medium: Php 30

(With Butter & Cheese or Butter with Milk)
Large:     Php 40
Medium: Php 35

Boy Binatog's Bestseller: Combinatog (with Butter & Milk)

I had their bestseller that day for Php 40 a cup and I must say that it was absolutely delish! It reminded me of the binatog from my childhood- firm corn kernels, boiled just right with a dash of salt and sugar. In my most recent binatog however, butter and milk were added which made the Pinoy treat even zestier than the usual street fare.

Boy Binatog
SM City North Edsa (Main Bldg. fronting Papemelroti)
SM City San Lazaro Food court
SM City Sta. Mesa

Boy Binatog
♪♪ Good. It's worth a try.


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