Monday, September 17, 2012

Bonding Over The New Cornetto Black & White ♪♪

Because of Bala's strong penchant for ice cream, Tutapel and I get to try the newest frozen delights every so often and we're certainly not complaining. Smiling Smiley Face

For us, enjoying our ice cream is still one of our most favorite ways to bond as a family. Cloud 9 Smiley

The New Cornetto Black & White

Our most recent discovery is the new Cornetto Black & White- a fusion of dark and white chocolate topped with crunchy choco bits. It carries with it that distinct Cornetto taste complete with that yummy choco filling at the waffle cone's tail end. What makes the new variant stand out is the presence of two flavors that complement each other's contrasting textures and tastes.

What can I say? Tutapel really loves the new Cornetto variant!
Blushing Smiley The New Cornetto Black & White is available at 24-hour convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide for Php 22.  

The New Cornetto Black & White  
♪♪ Good. It's worth a try. 

The New Selecta Cornetto Black & White

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