Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bonding Moments During the Greenwich Pizza-Making Camp

A food making camp is a cool way to bond with your child while allowing his or her "inner chef" to come alive. During the Greenwich Pizza Making Camp held at their preschool two months ago, I saw my toddler Tutapel being transformed into such as he helped decorate our very own personal pizza.

The session started with Tutapel being draped in a cute apron bearing Greenwich Pizza's trademark green color.

The camp chef then distributed the ingredients which consisted of one dough, the size of a personal pizza, some cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, pizza sauce and toppings such as ham and pineapple chunks.

After throwing in the sauce, we tried to spread it thinly all over the dough. Truth is, I really didn't know whether to cover the whole dough with pizza sauce or not. I just stuck to the principle that less is better that's why the pizza started looking like this. 

Tutapel started to sprinkle in some mozzarella cheese on his own. 

With just a teeny weeny bit of help from moi, Tutapel was able to spread out the cheese the way he wanted to.

It only took us a few minutes to add in the ham and pineapple chunks plus the cheddar in a more organized fashion.

The camp leader then gathered all the pizzas to be transported back to the nearest branch for baking.

After a half hour or so, Tutapel got to enjoy his very own Greenwich pizza!

I for one got a kick from just watching him enjoy the fruits of his labor...

Greenwich Pizza-Making Camp
Php 150 per camper
Inclusive of pizza ingredients and lunch meal of choice

Greenwich Philippines

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