Thursday, August 2, 2012

Power Drink Of The Day: Korean Ginseng Energy Drink From Nice Mart Korean Grocery ♪♪♪

When I first found out that there was a Nice Mart Korean Grocery just five minutes from our place, I nearly fainted with joy! As expected, I've become a frequent visitor along with my hubby, son, nephews and nieces. Clearly, it has become our undisputed "fourth place!"

 Korean Ginseng Energy Drink & Red Ginseng Tea

This morning though, I flew solo after dropping my son off to school. After indulging in my favorite korean ice cream bar, I went back to the counter to purchase my favorite Korean Red Ginseng Tea.  However my attention shifted to some strangely familiar Korean Drinks with ginseng root to boot. 

                                    Korean Ginseng Energy Drink in 120 ml bottles

You see, I've always wanted to try one of those but found their super-sized versions way expensive. I'm really glad that Nice Mart had several ones in petite 120 ml bottles.

                                      Korean Ginseng Energy Drink in 120 ml bottle

When I opened the bottle and sniffed the drink, I discovered that it carried with it a rather strong exotic smell. As far as taste is concerned, Korean ginseng energy drink reminds me a lot of apple cider with a touch of honey but with just a slight zing at the very end. 

It has a very light consistency and if not for the slight zing, I would have believed that what I was drinking was honey water and nothing else. But then again, I have a rather strong tolerance for 
"exotic healthful beverages" because I grew up drinking pure bittermelon (ampalaya) juice to treat my asthma. 

 Korean Ginseng Energy Drink with three year old Ginseng Root

Aside from the energy drink itself, there was also a 3 year-old ginseng root swimming inside the bottle. I was pleasantly surprised to find it insipid, soft and easy to eat. 

So what's great about drinking ginseng anyway?

Although ginseng's many benefits are purely anecdotal up to this time, there's a majority of people, mostly Asians, who believe that ginseng boasts of a number of vitamins, minerals, essential enzymes and amino acids which is great in prolonging endurance and increasing mental acuity.

I first started drinking ginseng not because an Asian advised me to but because I read about it from the book "New York Body Plan" five years ago. In it, the author, celebrity trainer David Kirsch included ginseng in his list of must-have supplements.

Ever since, I've been taking Red Ginseng in tea form and I have to admit that it has boosted my endurance a lot which somehow helped me as a Mompreneur.

On the downside, since the drink has sugar and citric acid in it, diabetics and those with very sensitive tummies might encounter some problems when they take Korean Ginseng Drinks frequently. 

Aside from this, a few years ago, I came across an article stating that ginseng is not good for cancer patients because it is perceived to accelerate the growth of cancer cells in the body. But of course, I'm not really sure if the study was reliable at all.  

My Rating:
Korean Ginseng Energy Drink
♪♪♪ Fantastic! It's on my list of favorites.

Korean Ginseng Energy Drink 
Php 70 at all Nice Mart Korean Groceries 

                    Next: A Review of Tony Moly's Red Ginseng Hanbang Mask Sheet


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