Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Delish Singaporean Cuisine at Orchard Road Resto SM Megamall ♪♪

Located strategically in between Buildings A and B at SM Megamall, Orchard Road proves to be an excellent choice for those craving for authentic Singaporean cuisine on a budget.

Orchard Road Restaurant SM Megamall

When we stepped inside the resto, I had a strange feeling of deja vu for it bore the same set-up as Makan Makan (formerly Makansutra) at Manila Ocean Park which I found amusing.

                                                    Orchard Road Restaurant SM Megamall 

Just like Makan Makan, Orchard Road also has window seats overlooking the area perfect for those who want to dine with some sunshine as a glorious backdrop.

                                                  Orchard Road Restaurant SM Megamall 

But for us, we preferred their alcove seats which we deemed perfect for our precocious toddler. We surmised that on our chosen seats, Tutapel can at least move around and even lie down to his heart's content.

                                            Orchard Road Restaurant (SM Megamall) Menu 

                                        Orchard Road Restaurant (SM Megamall) Menu 

Quite honestly, when I looked at their menu, I was so tempted to try everything if health wasn't an issue. I also can't help but smile because for a brief moment, I felt like I was in Singapore sampling hawker treats and  authentic Singaporean dishes with an undeniable Malay, Cantonese and Indian flair.   

                                             Orchard Road Restaurant (SM Megamall) Menu 

Allow me to share with you what we had that rainy afternoon at Orchard Road Resto:

Orchard Road Megamall Roast Chicken Rice (Php 195)

With that delightful charbroiled taste, their Roast Chicken deserves a star beside it on the Orchard Road menu. However, if they can pair it with an authentic serving of chicken rice borrowed from their Hainanese chicken dish, their Roast Chicken meal would fare so much better.

Orchard Road Megamall Char Kway Teow (Php 195)

A wonderful fusion of flat rice noodles, Chinese sausages, fishcake strips, shrimps, bean sprouts, eggs and topped with scallions. Eating this dish is like listening to one of my favorite arias-- by giving me a taste of life in every season.

For instance, the dish is blanketed in a rather strong smoky almost charbroiled flavor that provides a hint of authenticity that is surprisingly delightful. Although that strong taste is ever present in the dish, its plethora of textures are enough to tone down that sort of burnt taste and exhibit one complete dish that is rich, earthy and deeply flavorful.

Orchard Road Megamall Poh Piah (Php 135)

This spring roll dish showcases a panoply of grated "ubod," beans, carrots topped with peanuts and sweet soy sauce wrapped in a crepe-like soft shell. I was rather surprised that there were no shrimps to add more flavor to the dish.

You see, I ordered a similar one at Newton Circus Hawker Center in Singapore which tasted a lot better than Orchard Road's version. For starters, Newton's Poh Piah used a similar wrapper inherent in our native delicacy, the lumpiang sariwa, which I found delish. Still, I seriously think that our lumpiang sariwa is way better because of the addition of sweet potatoes and that delish sweet dip that boasts of a garlicky-peanutty flavor.

Orchard Road Megamall Milo Dinosaur (Php 75)

A simple Milo drink topped with generous Milo granules. Best enjoyed chilled.

Orchard Road SM Megamall Php 99 meals with Unlimited Chicken Soup
Meal 1: Pork Adobo Meal
Meal 2: Roast Chicken Rice Bowl
Meal 3: Fried Liempo Meal
Meal 4: Black Pepper Silk tofu Rice Bowl
Meal 5: Daing Bangus 
Meal 6: Sweet & Sour (Pork/Fish) Rice Bowl 

Orchard Road Restaurant SM Megamall
♪♪ Good. It's worth a try. 
I would definitely come back soon.

Orchard Road Restaurant
2nd Floor Bridgeway (between Bldgs A & B)
SM Megamall
Phone: (632) 470-4546
Open: Mon - Thu:10:00 am-9:00 pm
Fri - Sat:10:00 am-10:00 pm
Sun:10:00 am-9:00 pm 
Free WiFi
Accepts Cash and Credit Card

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