Wednesday, June 6, 2012

UNIQLO Fashion As Featured In My Favorite Korean Drama Rooftop Prince??? (Updated)

In episode 16 of Rooftop Prince, the Crown Prince portrayed by my absolute favorite Mickey Yoochun along with his posse of funny yet extremely skilled servants went into hiding after they took the real Tae-yong to protect him from his evil cousin.

My favorite Micky Yoochun portraying the Crown Prince and Tae-yong in Rooftop Prince

And since they were on a hurry, they weren't able to bring any luggage. To cheer his loyal servants up, the Crown Prince offered to go shopping with them at UNIQLO  much to their delight!

The Cast of Rooftop Prince on a shopping spree

For a long time, I was under the impression that the cast was indeed wearing UNIQLO UTs since the UNIQLO logo was seen all throughout the shopping scene.

If not for one of my readers who went by the name of Merong, I wouldn't have realized that those shirts were actually from a popular Korean brand called NII.

             Cool shirts from NII

It seems that not only Yoochun is sporting this look, but also the other two JYJ members as seen in the NII site. We can only hope that NII will soon have a branch here in the Philippines just like what happened to UNIQLO a few months ago.

Thanks so much Merong for the heads-up! I really appreciate your comment.



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  1. I also took note of that on Rooftop Prince, made me want to visit MOA asap! ;-D I love the drama too, on my 2nd re-run, day's apart lang. :-D

  2. hi Noona Des! i can understand why... hihihi.

  3. Those cute shirts are from UNIQLO? Its from a korean clothing brand NII, right?

  4. hi merong! i saw the NII shirts through your link and i must say that they look so similar! but when i think about it, since the uniqlo logo is seen all throughout this scene, wouldn't it be contradictory that NII shirts be used instead of Uniqlo UTs? just a thought... by the way, thanks so much for the visit!