Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ramen X TriNoma & Its Affordable "Japanese-Style" Ramen ♪♪

When it comes to affordably delish ramen, I believe Ramen X has a distinct advantage over other fast food chains and medium-scale restos in the market today.

Ramen X TriNoma

For starters, their ramen is reasonably priced between the Php 99 and Php 120 range which makes it pretty attractive to those craving for such dish without the need to overspend.

RamenX Oishi Ramen Php 129

Special Ingredient for Oishi Ramen

Another factor worth mentioning is the presentation. 

It almost looks like my favorite ramen at Shinjuku Ramen House in Pasong Tamo which I consider to be one of the most authentic Japanese restos in the country!


Regular: PHP 240
Large:  PHP 340

If only Ramen X's roasted pork is as thin as Shinjuku's, then Ramen X noodles would have been a lot better. I can never forget how one afternoon many years back, my friend Pamu-chan and I were walking the streets of Shinjuku in search of a ramen stall. We found one just a few meters from where we were staying- the Hotel Sunroute Plaza.

I remember that the kind stall owner gave us additional roasted pork for free which were the thinnest ones I've ever seen! And the taste was just phenomenal! Oozing with that delightful smoked flavor and aroma, once we sunk our teeth into them, they seemed to melt in our mouths instantaneously.

Well, I found that similar experience with Shinjuku Ramen House but not quite with Ramen X. But of course, the latter is not a resto but a fast food chain. 

Chewy Noodles!

Despite that element, Ramen X noodles are chewy and have a nice interesting bite into them. The soup is tasty and I think that with a lot less cabbage, the dish would have been really great.

Anyway, here are some of their other offerings:

Ramen X Lemon Iced Tea (Php 30)
Ramen X Yogurt Soda (Php 50)

Yogurt soda is quite inventive and tastes like Sprite mixed with yakult. If you're a fan of both drinks, then you'll have a kick out of this concoction.

Free Soup with every order

Ramen X Ebi Tempura Rice Bowl (Php 109)

However, I find their tempura totally forgettable and a lot inferior to Tokyo Tokyo's on every level.

Ramen X Fried Gyoza Php 59

Another forgettable dish in my opinion...

Our Bill at Ramen X

With that said, just stick to the ramen when you're at Ramen X. Aside from the fact that their noodles are affordable, they're also quite delish in their own unique way. 

Ramen X Trinoma
♪♪ Good. It's worth a try.

Ramen X 
TriNoma Branch
Phone: (02) 628-1603


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