Saturday, June 16, 2012

24-Hour KOPITIAM (True Singapore Taste) Along Orchard Road, Singapore ♪♪

I guess no matter how many sheep we counted and even imagined them going over the fence, we just couldn't sleep because as much as we tried to deny our hunger- our belly bellies betrayed us.

And you can't really blame them.Smiling Smiley Face

We were the last ones to leave Universal Studios Singapore so much so that all the mall restos we passed by going back to our hostel-YMCA International House @ One Orchard- were already closed.

     Kopitiam: True Taste of Singapore 24-Hour Food court in Orchard Road

It was a great thing that YMCA International House was situated close to a 24-Hour Food court called Kopitiam!  Without it, it would have been generic pre-packed meals for us at nearby  7-Eleven.

I was quite overwhelmed with the idea of a 24-hour food court because this concept is not really enforced here in the Philippines. Yes, we do have 24-hour PARES HOUSES and even GOTOHAN, but they are not  as diverse as the KOPITIAMS in Singapore.

Just one of the many stalls inside 24-Hour Kopitiam

I have to say that although the food court itself was open round the clock, just like Rasapura Masters at The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore, there was just a handful of stalls open when we arrived at around 12.30 AM. In fact, the stall that specialized in Bak Kut Teh was already closed for the day. Too bad.

Just the same, we bought two set meals and fruit shakes from three different stalls so that we can sample on what we thought, were their specialties.

Let me share with you what we had that time:

Phad Thai Value Set (SGD 6.50 or PHP 216)

                                                            Freshly-made Phad Thai

I waited for around 15 minutes as the stall owner made my order from scratch. I liked how the flat noodles were cooked al dente which very much provided a chewy structure to the dish. The generous seafood toppings made it extra memorable although I wasn't really won over by the overwhelming taste of the bean sprouts.

The Phad Thai came with a side dish and soup.

Delish Side Dish

Shredded green mangoes, carrots and shallots tossed in sweet & tangy vinaigrette. At first, I didn't really plan on eating this because it resembled our very own atchara which I wasn't really fond of. But once I bit into this crunchy appetizer, I can't help but finish it all! It was that good!

                                                                   Spicy Tom Yum Soup

The soup however was just so-so and wasn't at all memorable.

                                           B4 Meal Set: Chicken in Oyster Sauce (SGD 6.50 or PHP 216)

                                                                   Chicken in Oyster Sauce 

My hubby Bala ordered this sweet and spicy dish which also came with a side dish of shredded green mangoes & carrots plus the same bowl of Tom Yum soup. Bala decided to eat this without any rice for I told him I couldn't handle the Phad Thai  all by myself.Smiling Smiley Face

Kopitiam Orchard Road Papaya & Avocado Shakes

My baby Tutapel was also craving for something cold that was why I ordered shakes for us. Honestly, I had high hopes for these drinks; but, they turned out to be a disappointment. Imagine, they weren't sweet at all! No matter how much syrup I requested from them, they just couldn't make these shakes taste the way I liked them.

After our carb fix, I even brought home a couple of fried dumplings which resembled the ones I had at Rasapura Masters. We thought sis Ren might have been famished too considering our whole theme park escapade and all. But we found out she was already asleep and so we ate them instead lest they go bad in the morning.

My Rating:
♪♪ Good. It's worth a try.

24-Hour KOPITIAM (True Singapore Taste)
68 Orchard Road Singapore 238839

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  1. Everything looks really lovely! Nice post. :) Love pad thai and tom yum!

    Just followed you on Google Friend Connect and liked you on FB. :)

  2. That looks delicious!! I bet the price is worth the taste. :)

    btw, I have posted my BDJ prize from you po! <3

  3. i missed this cafe while in singapore. thank for posting this kaye. i'll definitely try to go there, maybe next time? :)

  4. @rolandito: hihihi. suree! let's go back!

    @janile: can't wait to see your blog my dearest Janile!

    @the mommist: oh thank you! i also love your blog! i'm also following you...more power!

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