Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bohol Countryside Tour In 8 Hours!

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If I were to describe Bohol in one word it would have to breathtaking! It's everything they say it is and so much more. Considering that we only went around for just eight hours via van rental with driver/tour guide (worth Php 2500), we were still able to see 10 of Bohol's most popular sights.

Allow me to share with you the standard attractions included in the Bohol Countryside Tour.

1. Chocolate Hills

Some 1,268 hills in the region resemble the world's most popular chocolates, Hershey's Kisses even in the absence of their signature brown hue on certain months. Feel the cool breeze while taking snapshots of these natural wonders from the observation deck.  


Chocolate Hills
Entrance: Php 50/head

2.  Ship Haus

Ever since this house was first featured in the top rating TV program Balitang K, tour guides have included a stop-over to this uniquely conceptualized residence owned by Capt. Gaudencio Dumapias. Here, tourists can take some interesting snapshots of the house to their hearts' content.

3.  Simply Butterflies Conservation Center

This place features a plethora of more than 60 species of butterflies where tourists can take photos of. Tour guides also explain their metamorphosis much to the enjoyment of everyone listening.  

                                                     Beautiful Butterflies on Display

                        Butterfly Enclosure: Where butterflies play, feed and breed

                                             Metamorphosis: Where It All Begins

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center
Entrance: Php 50

4.  Mahogany Man-Made Forest 

Mahogany trees planted side by side create an arc-shaped effect along a two-kilometer expanse of forest land. Tourists are usually captivated by the romantic, whimsical and eclectic combination of this one-of-a kind attraction. 

5. Tarsier Conservation Area 

Tiny and super evasive, the tarsiers of Loboc have drawn audiences not only from the Philippines but also from around the world. One's visit to Bohol won't be complete without a glimpse of the world's smallest primates.

                                              Tarsier Conservation Area in Loboc

                                                     The World's Smallest Primate


Tarsier Conservation Area
Entrance Fees: 
Php 50 (adults)
Php 40 (senior citizens/students)
Free: 12 years & below

6.  Hanging Bridge

Tourists have always been fascinated by this bamboo bridge spanning around 40 meters across the emerald green Sipatan river. If you're looking for some sort of adventure, you can pass through it for just Php 20. At the other end, you will find a shop selling souvenirs and refreshments for around twenty pesos less than the prevailing market price. There's also someone regarded as a local celebrity for having been featured on Korina Sanchez's Balitang K for his ability to remove coconut husks through his teeth. If you want to see him in action, you need to pay around Php 250 upfront.

7. Loboc River Cruise

A romantic buffet/cruise along the famed Loboc River. What it lacks in topnotch cuisine, the tour package compensates with a pretty amazing cruise.

Loboc River Cruise
Lunch/River Cruise:
 Php 400 (adults)
Php 150 (kids)

8. Python Sighting

What is Bohol without a sighting of one of its poster pythons, right? If you're the adventurous kind, you can even put the python around you while projecting a "born to be wild" persona.

Entrance: Php 20/ head

9.  Baclayon Church

Considered to be one of the oldest Catholic churches in the Philippines, Baclayon has become a permanent fixture in any itinerary primarily for its significance in Philippine history.

10.  Blood Compact Shrine

A historical monument conveying the treaty of friendship between Bohol Chieftain Rajah Sikatuna and Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi on March 16, 1565. This Sandugo sculpture was made by National Artist Napoleon Abueva, a Boholano himself.

Just beside the shrine is a shop selling cheap souvenir items like shirts, key chains and ref magnets among others.

Our Ferry of Choice: Ocean Jet

Since we came from Cebu, we took the Ocean Jet Ferry which according to its website has the most number of day trips. We also found out that their fares were really affordable. 

Oceanjet Passengers Terminal in Cebu

To give you an idea, here's the fares list of their Cebu-Tagbilaran route
  • Tourist class: Php 800
  • Business class: Php 1000.00 
  • Libre Balik Promo (Cebu-Tagbilaran/Tagbilaran-Cebu): 
Before Departure Date
    Rate of Ticket (Round trip)
1 day
Php 400.00 (only for open accommodation)
2 days
Php 500.00 (tourist class accommodation)
1 week
Php 400.00 (tourist class accommodation)

Below are Ocean Jet's regular schedules:   

Trip Nr.FrequencyFromDepartureToArrival
1DailyCebu (Pier 1)06:00Tagbilaran07:40
2DailyCebu (Pier 1)09:30Tagbilaran11:20
3DailyCebu (Pier 1)13:50Tagbilaran15:30
4DailyCebu (Pier 1)15:35Tagbilaran17:30
5DailyCebu (Pier 1)18:00Tagbilaran19:40

Ocean Fast Ferries, Pier 1, Cebu Pier Area Cebu City. 
Telephone Cebu: +63 32 255 7560; +63 32 255 0115. 


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  1. I love the places you went. The calm conservation that you took with all the green trees was one of the places I would wish to visit someday. :)

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  2. hehehehe ang ganda po sa bohol nuh?? my homeland:)

  3. anong travel agency po?

  4. @rowenaluna19: hi po teacher weng! miss ka na namin lalo na si lancie. hope we can see you again when we come back there. :)

    @marywin: hi there! eto po yung tinawagan ko: hope your trip turns out memorable too. thanks for the visit! :)

  5. Hey Kaye!

    Thanks for the comprehensive post about Bohol! We have also just finished a post on Bohol Countryside Tour and we really enjoyed the tour especially the Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and Man-Made Forest!

    Happy Travels Everyone!