Thursday, April 19, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore Series: Treasure Hunters Ride--Must-See or Must-Ditch? (With Raw HD Video) ♪♪

If you're a planning a trip to Universal Studios Singapore right now then I'm pretty sure you're very curious about the many rides inside this world-class theme park. Questions such as "which ones to take and which ones to ditch" are some of the usual things that might have entered your mind if time would be an issue during your visit.

If you ask me if Treasure Hunters is a "must-see" or a "must-ditch," well, for me it's a "must-see" since I'm the type who enjoys hassle-free, laid back rides without a hint of danger nor thrill. But if you're the type who thrives on death-defying roller coaster rides, well, you might find the Treasure Hunters, well, boring-with a capital B!

If you have toddlers though just like us, then you have to make time for this particular attraction and queue up, if only for your kids.

Let me give you the grand tour of Treasure Hunters located at Ancient Egypt inside Universal Studios Singapore.

Facade of Treasure Hunters @ Universal Studios Singapore

The Long, winding Queue Area of Treasure Hunters

Theme park guests in queue for Treasure Hunters

Our first-sighting of the jeep at Treasure Hunters

Alas! It's time to go.

Our toddler Tutapel felt like he took over the reins in the joy ride whose set and prop design was inspired by the blockbuster movie "The Mummy."

Cobra on the loose?

A make-believe gator in broad daylight...

...and another one in hiding.

Idyllic scenery was interspersed during the ride

Undeniably "Mummy land" with its signature scarab beetles portrayed to be flesh-eaters in the movie but a symbol of rebirth in Ancient Egypt.

Enjoying Treasure Hunters with the family @ USS

To give you a clearer picture of what's in store for you, here's a video of the ride.  

Treasure Hunters Ride at Universal Studios Singapore
♪♪ Good. It's worth a try.

By the way, here are some brochure scans of Universal Studios Singapore to help you navigate the many lands inside the theme park. 

                                                   Universal Studios Singapore (USS) Brochure


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