Monday, April 23, 2012

Enjoying Day 1 of the Etude House Pink Fair 2012 at SM North The Block Atrium

They say that the best things in life are free and last Saturday, I together with two of my most loyal blog readers, Mars Cel and Kathlynish experienced just that at the Etude House Pink Fair 2012 held last Saturday, April 21 at the SM North The Block Atrium.

Courtesy of some free tickets from Etude House, we were able to take part in one of the most heartifying, prettifying and dream-like events--fit for any princess!

Because of the overwhelming love and support of its loyal fans for the past 2 years, Etude House Philippines hosted a two-day event filled with tickle me pink fun and merriment to the absolute delight of everyone who was there.

A huge fence bearing the signature ETUDE HOUSE colors acted both as a welcome banner and a barricade for the expected guests.

           Photo op at the Etude House Pink Fair 2012 @ SM North The Block Atrium

                                                                        Play Etude!

                                                                  Pretty Mars Cel

Cutesy Kathlynish

Isn't that the cutest car ever?

Etude House Freedom Wall

Upon entering the fair, a friendly staff gave us a board marker so that we can leave a message on the huge Freedom Wall.

                                             What I Wrote: "Saranghamnida Etude!"

Mars Cel's Message: "I Love Etude! Saranghae!"

Kathlynish's greeting: "I Love Etude"

Etude House Games In A Row

In true "fair" fashion, Etude House offered four types of games that caught the attention of all attendees.

First Up: Goal In! Pink Powder Spot!

The very kind staff helping us out every step of the way

Kathlynish ready for action!

Mars Cel got 2 out of 3! Very impressive!

Toink! My big q-tip fell along with two others...Oh well...

2nd Game: Sweetie's Spin

                                                       Kathlynish went up first. 

Mars Cel won a BB cream sachet in this game.

And moi?

I won a cute Bee happy pen!

3rd Game: Who Am I?

Sadly, all three of us didn't win anything in this rather trying game...

4th Game: Doll Me Up!


We decided to pass on this game because of the rather long queue. Too bad. Instead, I just took the time to capture some of the delightful prizes even on photos. 

                                                Etude House soap bars and BB Cream

Shinee Fans that all of us wanted to have!

Etude House Moistfull Soap Bars

Makeover Station taken an hour before opening

At around 4 PM, the station was brimming with pretty princesses!

Etude House products on the shelf

Pretty funny and helpful clowns who cheerfully assisted us during our next activity: Posing at the Photobooth courtesy of Smile and Pose Photobooth!

Kathlynish at the tickle me pink backdrop 

Kathlynish in a pair of cutesy pink heart-shaped glasses

Channeling Shin Chae Gyung in the hit Koreanovela Princess Hours

I think it's on the second to the last episode of Princess Hours when Chae Gyung was goofing around with Shin wearing wigs and stuff on her last night in Korea.

    Mars Cel in a cute headband with a pair of protruding rabbit ears as accent


Dumbo on my head

Vogue! Let's strike a pose!

During the whole course of the fair, Dara Park's videos as well as Shinee's were playing non-stop on the large screen to provide some form of entertainment to all Etude House fans.

With K-Pop star boy band Shinee on the screen

 Workshops/seminars were hosted by beauty queen Abby Cruz.

Etude House Philippines President Ms. Andrea Amadoms on centerstage

Skin Care Talk given by the extremely eloquent Mr. Boram Kim

Fashion Trends Update with Ms. L.A. Ferriols, Fashion Assistant at MEG Magazine

Make-over on the spot!

While going around the fair and all, we made sure to claim some wonderful freebies made available to all attendees.

Allow me to walk you through the freebies hotspots.

Free Magazines from Meg

Free Cornetto from Selecta

                  Pink stuff and everything!

And of course, everyone's favorite, cotton candy in pink!

Wow! Freebies galore!

And that's not all. The bubbly Ms. Faith from Events 100, also one of the the associates in-charge of the fair, handed me an Etude House Press Kit.

Thank you Etude House for always including us bloggers in your events!

See you again Etude!

Etude House Philippines


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  1. I was also there on day 1... I think I saw you but I was too shy to approach you and other bloggers... So sad... TT__TT

  2. Oh really! Oh I wish we got to talk there. Di bale next time dapat mag-bonding na tayo. It was sooo fun, right?

  3. i saw u in the event but wasnt sure how to say hi hehe :"> i couldnt stay till the end of the event ><

  4. hi aiMee! sayang! wish i could have met you!!!!