Thursday, March 29, 2012

Selecta Magnum Almond On A Rainy Day? ♪♪♪

Ice cream on a rainy day? This is not really out of sync with what most South Koreans do in the depths of winter- eating ice cream and all. For me though, there is only one ice cream brand that I've wanted to try for sometime now-Magnum!

Taken by Rapha "Chix" Cruz

Magnum has become an internet sensation thanks to netizens who have been passionately talking about it in various social networking sites with matching photos to boot. Those who haven't tried it, including me and my "pamangkins" (nephews and nieces) can't help but crave for this seemingly delish frozen delight.

We've tried purchasing Magnum from a nearby 7-11 store since Tuesday but to no avail. Can you believe that it's always out of stock? I can't believe it myself! Fortunately, when my nephew Chix stopped by this morning, there were still several Magnum Almond bars left.

                                                                                 Taken by Rapha "Chix" Cruz

Magnum Almond is a vanilla flavoured ice cream bar coated with Belgian chocolate and almonds. The ice cream is as smooth and as creamy as you want it to be. It's Selecta sweet which means that on a scale from 1 to 10, it's a 9 while Magnolia sweet for me is a 6 or a 7.

Although I think that it is a little bit sweet to my liking, the silky smoothness and the innate artistry found in the vanilla ice cream is enough invitation to devour the whole bar. The crunchy coating however bursts with a rich chocolatey taste made even more exciting with the presence of slivered almonds. Although this particular flavor is not a runaway favorite of most people, I still found it to be satiating and worth the calories.

Magnum Almond
PHP 55 from 7-11
PHP 50 from SM Supermarkets

My Rating:
Magnum Almond


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