Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mesmerized By The Stunning Chocolate Hills of Bohol (With HD Video Clip)

Two months ago, my wish of seeing the famed Chocolate Hills finally came true. It felt surreal to see those natural wonders up close because they looked far more splendid in real life.

That day, my family and I requested our tour guide slash driver to make the Chocolate Hills our first stopover. Since we only had 6 hours to tour Bohol, we wanted to finish the highlights as soon as we can and put the minor destinations down the line just in case time wasn't on our side.

                                             Steep steps leading to the Observation Deck
It turned out that in order to see the Chocolate Hills at a good angle, we needed to climb some 214 steps up leading to the observation deck. Oh my! 

                                  Breathtaking Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines
A gasp of much needed oxygen interpersed with a few seconds of rest here and there got me through the climbing ordeal. However, when I saw the Chocolate Hills up close, I immediately forgot about my sore legs and feet. My initial reaction was that they looked so much lovelier than in the post cards I once saw them in.
Chocolate Hills resembling the world's most favorite brand of chocolates-Hershey's Kisses!
I can't believe that the hills I was looking at were just part of the projected 1,268 hills in the region. Even in the absence of their signature brown hue, the hills still looked phenomenal! 
When I looked at the other side of the observation deck, I saw some hills donning sharper tips instead of the usual rounded ones. During that moment, I can't help but think about how these wonders came to being. 

According to most geologists, the most likely explanation would have to be, "the hills are the weathered formations of a kind of marine limestone on top of impermeable layer of clay." 

A few moments later, I looked down from the deck and saw some foreigners fighting it out for the best poses! 

That served as my cue to have my picture taken too. Thanks to my official photographer, my left hand, for this photo. 
By the way, do take the time to watch my video of the famed Chocolate Hills of Bohol. 

                                               Taken from my YouTube Channel

              Thank goodness for this walkway, going down was a little bit easier than the trek up.

Chocolate Hills
Entrance Fee: PHP 50 per head
Stopover included in the standard Bohol Countryside Tour Package


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  1. Went to Bohol last December. Loved it! :)

    Check my Bohol posts here:

  2. I haven't been to Bohol yet. I wish I can see the Chocolate Hills for myself too. They look really nice on photos, but I bet it'd be better to see in person :)

  3. I love BOHOL! super enjoy our trip end of 2011!

  4. @Sumi Go: Hi Sumi! I'm sure you'll gonna love it!

    @ U8mypinkcookies: I also enjoyed your article about it. Thanks for sharing!