Monday, March 19, 2012

Merienda Time at Swensen's Changi Airport Terminal 2 ♪♪♪

With our lugggage in tow, we hopped on the free shuttle from the Changi Budget Terminal bound to Changi Airport Terminal 2. We wanted to see the reason for all the buzz behind the famed Changi Airport. I have only been to a few international airports, our very own NAIA included, so I might not be the best judge and all. But I was more in awe when I stepped on the Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan and the Hong Kong International Airport (Chep Lap Kok Airport).  Our very own R who's a certified travel bug informed us that it is Changi's impeccable service that makes it stand out from the rest.

That much said, we searched for a place to eat for we were truly famished by that time. Then, we found Swensen's.

Swensen's known for its delish array of frozen delights

Unlike our very own Swensens at Mall of Asia, Swensen's Singapore is a full-fledged resto serving both Western and Asian dishes.

Singaporean Dishes at Swensen's Singapore

                                     Swensen's Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2

                                      Tutapel playing around at Swensen's Singapore 

Allow me to share with you what we had that day.

Mee Goreng (SGD 14.50 or PHP 495)

Noodles cooked al dente draped in a special sweet and chili sauce that oozes with a unique Asian flavor. With tasty meat flakes, egg crumbles and fresh veggies tossed in, the dish becomes more exotic tasting yet ultra-appealing to the taste buds.

Chicken Rice SGD 13.90 or PHP 475

With the steamed chicken cooked just right, without any blood specks at all, it provides a hearty structure to the deep-tasting rice in tow. When dipped to the three-fold special sauce, the meat becomes alive and vibrates with extra flavors.

Claypot Spicy Laksa SGD 12.90 or PHP 441

Its distinct spicy nature brings out the innate artistry incorporated in this bestselling dish. From the al dente noodles to the sultry crabs, shrimps and fish fillet swimming in thick coconut-based sauce, everything about this dish is worth raving about. 

Crayfish Bee Hoon Soup SGD 14.90 or PHP 509

With a tamer, milder taste compared to the fiery Laksa and zesty Mee Goreng, this dish boasts of big shrimps and al dente noodles which I came to appreciate. Although it lacks the richness of the other dishes, I still came to like its simplistic approach which I think what the chef was going for.

   Crabmeat Fried Rice SGD 13.90 or PHP 476

Tasty, delicious and flavorful fried rice topped with crisp crabmeat fillet. A real treat most especially for rice lovers like me.

Swensen's Changi Airport Terminal 2:
  ♪♪♪ Fantastic! It's on my list of favorites.

Swensen's Singapore


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