Friday, March 16, 2012

Riding the Singapore Cable Car For the First Time

The honest truth is, I've never been on a cable car before our Singapore sojourn last November 2011. So you could imagine how ecstatic I was even during the trip planning stage.

                                                            View of  the Singapore Cable Car

When our trip pushed through and I finally found myself looking at the cable car attraction that I've wanted so long to see, the corners of my mouth suddenly broke into a wide, satisfied grin. 

                                                                                   Harbour Front Tower 2

What happened afterwards seemed blurry and hazy all the same. Aside from the fact that I didn't care much about directions as long as Bala took care of those things, it was especially hard for me to simply contain my excitement! After paying the fees  for a one-way trip (SGD 24 or PHP 816 for adults and SGD 14 or PHP 476 for kids), we went up the 15th floor where the cable car station was. 

                                           Singapore Cable Car: 15th floor Harbour Front Tower 2

                                                                                      Singapore Cable Car Up Close

When I finally saw this, my heart went a-flutter. I can't help but picture Geum Jandi and Gu Jun Pyo during their cable car ride at the Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower) in Boys over Flowers.  

Alas! It was time for us to go for a ride.

Love this pic!

My sis Ren took this memorable photo just minutes after boarding.

                                                                             Gorgeous cable cars suspended in the air

  Although it was super hot inside the cable car, I just focused my attention at the beautiful cars behind us. 

I can't deny that my fear of heights never left me during the entire ride but snapping photos and videos proved to be therapeutic because I forgot how truly scared I was. 

We saw another development going on underneath us. I can't help but wonder what it will be.

Just one of the things we saw while aboard the cable car. For the complete experience, I'd like to share with you this video I took.

                                                   Courtesy of my YouTube Channel 

                                                                 Jewel Cable Car Station

After a few minutes, we arrived at Sentosa. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to explore the many attractions inside this particular theme park including these two:

                                                                                               Imbiah Lookout

                                                                               Butterfly Park & Insect Kindgdom

                                                   Sentosa Bus en route to Universal Studios Singapore

When we saw the bus, we hurriedly hopped on for we were terribly behind schedule.

                                                                  Elevators leading to Universal Studios Singapore

                                                                                Resorts World Sentosa Landmark

                                                                  Ice breaker: Someone was sleeping inside the caves!

                                                                                   Interesting Cave-like Passageway 

Singapore Cable Car Details:
15th floor Harbor Front Tower 2 
Walking distance from Harbor Front MRT Station

Operating Hours: 
8:30-10 PM daily

One way: SGD 24 or PHP 816 for adults 
               SGD 14 or PHP 476 for kids
Two way: SGD 26 or PHP 884 for adults
                SGD 15 or PHP 510 for adults

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