Enjoying Waterworld @ Universal Studios Singapore (With HD Video Clips)

After scouring several blog posts and facebook photos about Universal Studios Singapore, we figured that Waterworld is most certainly a must-see attraction.

Waterworld @ Universal Studios Singapore

Guided by the resort map, we started looking for this attraction early on. But since, it was located much farther than expected, we decided to explore nearby attractions first. When we arrived, there were already a number of visitors in sight.                                                  

Waterworld @ Universal Studios Singapore

We looked for seats on the upper box because those seated within the blue and green areas, can get wet at the facilitators' whim. As you can see right here, that 's what happened to this girl celebrating her birthday that very day!

Waterworld @ Universal Studios Singapore

Filled with a series of death-defying stunts amid real explosions of fire and water, I finally realized why Waterworld remains to be one of the most exciting attractions at Universal Studios Singapore. The spectacular live water show follows the events where the blockbuster movie left off.

                                                             Waterworld's Fantabulous Set!

Here are some highlights from the show:

Helen arriving at the Atoll

The Deacon following Helen to the Atoll

The Atoll in Flames

Curtain call!

                                           The Protagonists: The Mariner and Helen

Let's take a look at the videos that Bala took that day.

Part 1: Helen returns to the Atoll with proof of dry land, only to find herself followed by the evil Deacon. 

                       Waterworld @ Universal Studios Singapore courtesy of Timeless Confection Youtube Channel

Part 2: The evil Deacon continues to torment Helen until the Mariner appears to save his beloved. 

                      Waterworld @ Universal Studios Singapore courtesy of Timeless Confection Youtube Channel

Part 3: The Mariner and his beloved Helen are finally reunited, only to find themselves still up against their nemesis, the deacon.

                        Waterworld @ Universal Studios Singapore 
courtesy of Timeless Confection Youtube Channel

Part 4: Watch how the protagonists continue to fight their evil tormentors.

                       Waterworld @ Universal Studios Singapore 
courtesy of Timeless Confection Youtube Channel

Part 5: The protagonists continue their daring escape amid the engulfing flames. 

                        Waterworld @ Universal Studios Singapore 
courtesy of Timeless Confection Youtube Channel

Part 6: Curtain call for the amazingly talented cast of Waterworld!

                     Waterworld @ Universal Studios Singapore 
courtesy of Timeless Confection Youtube Channel

By the way, here are some brochure scans of Universal Studios Singapore to give you an idea on what's in store on your visit.

              Universal Studios Singapore (USS) Brochure




Selecta Magnum Almond On A Rainy Day? ♪♪♪

Ice cream on a rainy day? This is not really out of sync with what most South Koreans do in the depths of winter- eating ice cream and all. For me though, there is only one ice cream brand that I've wanted to try for sometime now-Magnum!

Taken by Rapha "Chix" Cruz

Magnum has become an internet sensation thanks to netizens who have been passionately talking about it in various social networking sites with matching photos to boot. Those who haven't tried it, including me and my "pamangkins" (nephews and nieces) can't help but crave for this seemingly delish frozen delight.

We've tried purchasing Magnum from a nearby 7-11 store since Tuesday but to no avail. Can you believe that it's always out of stock? I can't believe it myself! Fortunately, when my nephew Chix stopped by this morning, there were still several Magnum Almond bars left.

                                                                                 Taken by Rapha "Chix" Cruz

Magnum Almond is a vanilla flavoured ice cream bar coated with Belgian chocolate and almonds. The ice cream is as smooth and as creamy as you want it to be. It's Selecta sweet which means that on a scale from 1 to 10, it's a 9 while Magnolia sweet for me is a 6 or a 7.

Although I think that it is a little bit sweet to my liking, the silky smoothness and the innate artistry found in the vanilla ice cream is enough invitation to devour the whole bar. The crunchy coating however bursts with a rich chocolatey taste made even more exciting with the presence of slivered almonds. Although this particular flavor is not a runaway favorite of most people, I still found it to be satiating and worth the calories.

Magnum Almond
PHP 55 from 7-11
PHP 50 from SM Supermarkets

My Rating:
Magnum Almond


Creating An iPhone Application For Your Blog or Website

It took me around two and a half hours to complete this iPhone application for my blog Timeless Confection. I used a fairly simple free web application called buildapp which consists of five easy-to-follow steps: App building; App settings; App info; Notifications; App publishing.

It turned out that the initial four steps were quite manageable. When I reached the fifth and final step however I was  asked to upload my distribution certificate which sounded Greek to me. When I clicked on the option where newbie developers like me don't know a thing about this document nor how to generate it, all I had to do was to download the certificate into my computer. But when I did download it, neither my computer nor zamzar can recognize it.

But for a fee of USD 299 (Apple fee not included), buildapp offers to take care of everything from the Distribution Certificate, provisioning, building and management of the apps. But of course, I didn't choose  that option.

For all it's worth, I did enjoy creating this potential iPhone app for my blog although it won't get published at the Apple store.

Have a look at what I've managed to create. Simply click on the links to be directed to the complete blog posts. Thank you!

If you want to create and later on publish an iPhone application for your blog or website, simply go to ibuildapp.com and follow the five steps accordingly.



Snack Time at Mel's Drive-In at Universal Studios Singapore ♪♪

Our journey from YMCA International to Resorts World Sentosa left us famished to say the least. It was funny because as excited as we were when we finally saw Universal Studios Singapore, all that we managed to say was that we needed to rent out lockers for our bags and find the nearest resto. :)

                                          Mel's Drive-In @ Universal Studios Singapore

While walking along Hollywood Boulevard, we saw this jam-packed diner on our left. Sensing that it was a famous place at the theme park, we decided to check it out.

          Vintage Car Parked Outside Mel's Drive In @ Universal Studios Singapore

An array of vintage cars congregated around the diner which made the place look more retro. I remembered seeing my Facebook friends posing with these cars that was why I was tempted to do similar millennial poses.  Sadly, my tummy growled and prevented me from pursuing this whim.

                                                Travel back in Time at Mel's Drive-In

I later on found out that Mel's Drive-In became a hit primarily because it was featured in two Hollywood films namely Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967) starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn and American Graffiti (1973) produced by George Lucas.

Mel's Drive-In Menu:
Best Value Combos:
1. Crispy Chicken Burger SGD 10.80 or PHP 368 
2. Tender Fish Burger SGD 10.80 or PHP 368 
3. Biggie Chili Burger SGD 10.80 or PHP 368 
4. Double Cheeseburger SGD 12.50 or PHP 426
5. Shiok Burger SGD 12.80 or PHP 436

More Mel's Drive-In Combos:
Hotdog Meal: SGD 9.80 or 334
Kids' Meal: SGD 9.80 or 334

Iced Cold Drink @ Mel's Drive-In:
Regular: SGD 3.00 or PHP 102
SGD 3.50 or PHP 119

Sweet Treats @ Mel's Drive-In:
Mel's Milkshake: SGD 3.90 or PHP 133
Choco Lovers' Brownie A La Mode: SGD 5.00 or PHP 170
Homemade Apple A La Mode: SGD 5.00 or PHP 170
Fresh Fruits: SGD 5.50 or PHP 170

Bala and Tutapel at Mel's Drive-In

Bala and Tutapel ordered for us right here in this particular area while I helped out by gathering our orders from the Pick Up Station located in front.

                                         Our bill @ Mel's Drive-In: SGD 25 or PHP 852

On the table:
1 Veggie Combo-Veggie Burger & Fries: SGD 6.80 or PHP 232
1 Cheeseburger Combo- Cheeseburger & Fries: SGD 7.20 or PHP 245
2 Coke Sodas: SGD 3.00/each
Homemade Apple A La Mode: SGD 5.00 or PHP 170 

What's inside the Mel's Drive-In Cheeseburger

Although the burger was tasty, I also thought that it was a bit overpriced considering the fact that it wasn't  that big nor unique. But I've already came to terms with the fact that everything was a lot more expensive in Singapore. 

As for the veggie burger, don't even bother ordering it; that is, if you're not into munching just onions, tomatoes and lettuce! You guessed it right. It didn't pertain to meatless burgers at all, but just plain veggies sandwiched between soft buns for PHP 232! 

The fries were just okay, pretty much the stuff you can have at Wendy's. It wasn't as crisp as McDonald's nor as tasty as KFC's.

But the Homemade Apple A La Mode or Apple Crumble was on a different level. It was the perfect combination of a hot and cold dessert: Tasty hot crumble pie smothered in creamy vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. It was the meal's saving grace, if you ask me.

1960's Feel at Mel's Drive-In

Smokin' Hot Retro Jukebox @ Mel's Drive-In

The most coveted seats in the house!

Cool seats at Mel's Drive-In

If there's a next time, I'll make sure to eat right here in this spot for a more nostalgic feel.

My Rating:
Mel's Drive-In at Universal Studios Singapore: 
♪♪ Good. It's worth a try.


Forever 21 Opens Soon At SM City North Edsa!

Forever 21 is a popular American chain of clothing retailers which was first founded in Los Angeles, California by Korean business man Do Won Chang in 1984 to cater to the growing community of Korean-Americans living in LA.

Ever since the meteoric rise of  Hallyu (Korean) stars in pop culture, many fans have associated this store as the ultimate in Korean fashion.

To date, there are three Forever 21 branches in operation right now located at SM Megamall, SM Makati and SM City Cebu.

                         My Instagram of Forever 21 SM City North Edsa Branch 

Now a fourth installment is underway at SM City North Edsa!

It replaced Our Home situated in front of the SM Appliance Center and just beside the SM The Block Activity Center on the mall's second level.

I can just imagine how huge this store is going to be in terms of size and impact most especially on its loyal customers residing in the Quezon City area who find their Megamall branch a bit too far.

I believe I don't have to encourage you to come since I know that you'll be barging on its doors come opening day.

See you there!

Forever 21
Current Branches:
2nd floor, SM Megamall Building A; Tel. no.: 477-2733

Ground floor, SM Makati; Tel. no.: 553-0448

Northwing, SM City Cebu; Tel. no.:520-2964 &; 520-2969 


Merienda Time at McDonald's (Malaysia) LCCT- Kuala Lumpur International Airport ♪♪

With our luggage in tow, we stepped inside McDonald's LCCT-KLIA Departure Area for some needed refreshments. We badly needed some tasty fuel since our aircraft carrier, Cebu Pacific did not include free plane food in its budget fares.  

  McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese
A La Carte: RM 7.30 or PHP 102
McValue Meal (medium): RM 11.15 or PHP 155.80
McValue Meal (large): RM 12.65 or PHP 176.75

    French Fries at McDonald's LCCT- KLIA 
    Small: RM 2.15 or PHP 30.67
    Medium: RM 3.40 or PHP 47.50
    Large: RM 3.95 or PHP 55.20

We ordered the McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese McValue Meal which came with fries and a drink. I found it as tasty as our local concoction if not better because of the extra spices. I can't help but recall how unsatisfied I was when I first tasted McDonald's Hong Kong's bland burgers and fries, no offense. I guess Filipinos and Malaysians share the same taste in food after all.    

              Huge beef patty draped in aromatic black pepper sauce with onions and sandwiched on a soft, sesame bun.
McDonald's Beef Prosperity Burger
A La Carte: RM 8.88 or PHP 124
With Twister Fries and Prosperity McFizz: RM 10.95 or PHP 153
Prosperity McValue Lunch served Mondays to Sundays from12NN to 3PM

                                                                       McDonald's Malaysia Twister Fries

Tito R ordered the Beef Prosperity McValue Meal which came with the iconic twister fries and a drink. 

To give you an idea on how the Prosperity Burgers look like, since McDonald's Philippines doesn't carry this product, here's a screenshot taken from McDonald's Malaysia's Official Website. 

Don't they look ginormous? I know! If you're wondering why the Prosperity Burgers only come in beef and chicken, the reason is that since Malaysia is predominantly Muslim, their local McDo doesn't serve any pork products in order to satisfy halal certification requirements.

A flurry of Milo Cereal chunks in creamy sundae
McDonald's Milo Supreme McFlurry
RM 4 or PHP 55.80

We also ordered McDo Malaysia's Milo Supreme Flurry for dessert. I consider this a zesty alternative to our usual fare of Pinoy McFlurries. It's ironic though that McDonald's Philippines hasn't brought this product here. What's even more ironic is that its archrival Jollibee Foods Corporation has already launched a striking sibling in the form of  Jollibee Sundae Mix-Ins Milo Blast! 

Hmmm... I wonder where Jollibee got the idea from? 

Jollibee Sundae Mix-Ins Milo Blast

McDonald's LCCT - KLIA (Airport)
Lot No. L 01
Public Concourse
LCC Terminal
KLIA Sepang
43909 KLIA
Tel : 03 - 8777 6652
Without Free Wi-Fi Service

My Rating:
McDonald's LCCT- Kuala Lumpur International Airport
♪♪ Good- It's worth a try!