Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Romantic Cruise Along the Famed Loboc River of Bohol (With Raw HD Footage)

Bohol's Beloved Loboc River. I've heard about it. I've even seen photos of it from friends who have been there and chartered its stunning waters. But up close, it was even more breathtaking! 

That day, our tour guide slash driver dropped us off at the boat station's payment section. Before we arrived at the place, the tour guide insisted that my nephew, aged 11, and my niece, aged 7, had to pay the full amount of PHP 400 required of adult visitors. If not for Momsie Leng's friend who was also on tour that day, we would have been tricked- for kids can take part of the river cruise for just PHP150

                                                     There's a night cruise too! Romantic, eh?

Seniors serenaded the visitors on their way to the river cruise. Don't forget to tip them, okay? 

Side view of the long wooden boat

Two boats were already filled up and ready to go when we arrived.

This was our boat of choice: Busai Monark Floating Resto which according to the tour guide served more delish food than the others. Well, I needed to confirm that for myself because I've read quite a number of blogs complaining about how terrible the food was aboard the cruise.

     I immediately went to the buffet table to check out the food selections for I was terribly famished.  I didn't know why but my initial reaction was that the food looked forgettable and unappetizing.

                                                       This was our lunch table that day.

My Lunch Plate: Cold, lumpy rice; Tasteless grilled milkfish; Medium rare and rubbery pork barbecue; Unsalted crabs and shrimps; Greasy Pancit Canton (Noodles). 

Tasteless food was paired with a tasteless cup of soup. My verdict? Uninventive, terrible tasting dishes that deserve a drastic makeover if you ask me. What made me feel overly-critical was that it was the locals'  opportunity to show foreigners on how creative and unique Filipino food truly is! But I guess they were not of the same mind set for it appeared like- and it's painful for me say- that it was just plain business for them...

Although the food was terrible, the cruise was something else.  

Beautiful is too weak a word to fully describe that two-hour cruise that day.  

The cruise even came with stop-overs where we were treated to Filipino songs and dances from local kids. Let's take a peek:

                                                        Taken from my YouTube Channel
Aren't they the coolest?

Lush greens, untouched and unspoilt...

For me, Loboc River is a stunning reminder on how truly blessed we are as a people. 

Until now, I can't shake this image off my mind.  I believe, the Loboc River Cruise has crept into my heart of hearts and has no way of leaving it. Please allow me to share with you the videos I took that day.

                                                          Loboc River Cruise Video 1

                                                          Loboc River Cruise Video 2
Thanks for reading this particular article. Please stay tuned for more stories about my Bohol sojourn in future posts.


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  1. Went to Bohol last December. The river cruise was great, not so much about the food though. :)

  2. Now, I really want to visit Bohol! Thanks for being honest about the food on that cruise :)